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TOPIC: Trump and his ban on Muslims!!

Trump and his ban on Muslims!! 3 weeks 1 day ago #66593

A play on words, pussy cat .
That was very clever Bubadog!

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Trump and his ban on Muslims!! 3 weeks 7 hours ago #66594

Thank you, I aim to please!! :) B)

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Trump and his ban on Muslims!! 1 week 4 days ago #66699

Justme64, Yes, I did know what you meant by ' Pussy', I was just being facetious!
I apologize if I have offended you, sometimes I get carried away when I find subjects that I feel passionate about!
I don't mean to offend anyone, I just appreciate the chance to voice my opinion, something that this site allows me to do, and after a lifetime of being told to 'Shut Up' , it's a nice change!?
And unfortunately, as a Gay man, I have a "Built in Bitch Gene' that sometimes gets the better of me!?
I don't know what you are referring to in regard to Obama doing a deal with my PM to take ' Our refugees'!?
We don't have refugees, we take in refugees from other countries, and over the years, we have taken more than our share because other countries don't want to help!
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping people in need!
At the moment, there is an ad on TV saying that the Govt is spending 200 Billion Dollars on defense!
I don't know where the Australian Govt is getting 200 Billion Dollars from? But if they've got it, I'd like to see it spent on helping people, not killing them!!!
We have ' Detention Centers' for illegal immigrants, many of whom are innocent children, and the way they are treated makes me ashamed to be Australian!
These are people who have risked their lives to escape from persecution and being shot or bombed, they have traveled across the seas on crowded, leaky boats in an attempt to find a safe haven where they will be welcomed and given a chance at a decent life!
I can only imagine what they have been thru!
The same applies to people crossing the border from Sth America to Nth America!
They are simply trying to find a better life for themselves and their families, can you not understand that!?
Can you not put yourself in their place for one moment and feel any empathy for them?
When people are desperate, they will do whatever they feel is necessary!
I am sure that in their place, I would do the same thing!
I'd also like to point out, that is okay for people from Nth America to pop down Sth whenever they feel like it, but they don't like people from the Sth coming into ' their' territory!
It's very one sided wouldn't you say!?
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