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Easy going women, age and race not important.
Kimmy here...I am 52,but very young at heart.I would like a female pen-pal for friendship.I live in Kent.
I just want to make someone smile at the fact they have a message,and that someone cares enough to write.
I'm married..and have family and my two dogs..
Please get in-touch....kimmy
My name is Larry. I live in Oxford in UK. My hobbies include travel, cooking, singing. I had a stroke a couple of years back which affected mobility and speech but I am making a good recovery. Unfortunately it affected my memory and concentration and there has been some mild cognitive impairment due to vascular dementia. I used to speak some languages and I would like to practise them. My memory is a bit unreliable so I have to use Google translate to help me out with Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. I am part of an organisation called Dementia Adventure (it does what it says on the tin), so don't be shy, get in touch at
I'm looking for someone who would like to be a penpal on ablehere. Actually I'm doing pretty well right now. I'm 63, depression and anxiety and some physical disabilites. Meds & health are currently holding.
Read my profile & write if we seem right...
Hello everyone, I'm Lissy.

I'm 23 years old and have social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and a little depression.

I live with my family and some of my siblings, but have no friends and have never been in a relationship.

I'd like to find someone with the same problems as me. I'm only looking for friendship right now, so if you're after anything else, don't bother contacting me. You can be male or female, i really don't care either way as long as you understand what I'm going through.

So if anyone is interested in being pen pals, just email me.
I am a totally blind teacher of English hoping I would make some good friends here. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, going for walks, reading, music and doing volunteer work. I would wellcome letters from Europe, the US, Canada and Australia and please don't email me if you are a scammer.
I am looking for girl relationship my own future I want find one someday
I am looking to find a penpal friend. Male or female with similar disabilities. Have a few laughs.
Hi my names Michelle(poliolady). I am severely disabled due to polio and want to make new friends M/F, as I am unable to get out much. Please get in touch
i am an loyal person and accept all it does not matter what kind of disability you have, you can write ages of 18 to 35 can write to me. thank you
hi there. be my friend.
hello im glen I love swimming cooking cozy nights in bowling cinema and touring cars im a fun loving guy looking for female pen pals xx

hope to chat soon
Looking for people to be friends with.
Someone dear to talk to a chinese man and get to know each other?
looking to make new friends, any disabilities, any where.
hey i am looking to make as many friends i can! :)
I'm 41, have no children, live in a small town, just a couple of friends as I don't go out much. I'd like to meet nice people and improve my English as well.
There is nothing like getting a letter or email from that special someone. I am interested in receiving mail from women. Doesn't matter who, what, or why, if you want to talk drop me a line.

If you want to know about me look at my profile. If you want to know more, please contact me.
a nice penpal
I'm looking for someone honest friendly mature
And someone who desires a friendship
I would like to meet a sweet, feminine, affectionate lady who suffers from depression/anxiety, as I do. That aside, I would enjoy communicating with fellow sufferers. Fellow Londoners would be fine -- but not essential. After all, it is so much easier communicating with people who understand what we go through, rather than with those who can NEVER understand. A case of 'birds of a feather' perhaps? :)
nicola 22 cath ,and im looking for pen pals m/f 30 ,50 years of age hope to hear from you soon love catherine
I would love to talk to others, so feel free to message me
Your Ages and Your Disabilities, don't matter to me, all am seeking is a wife. A woman to love me for me.
I am in a place in my life where I am ready to look into having someone for a serious relationship that could possibly lead to being a life partner who knows? but being friends first of all and then if the chemistry is there then... I am looking for someone who is caring, very passionate, responsible,
appreciates and enjoys the simple
things in life. I am looking for a woman with a great sense of humor, love to have a great smile, love life and the beauties of it...
I work a lot. When I'm not working I like to enjoy life. I want to be as happy as possible. My hopes are to see if someone else also has some of these same wishes. I enjoy the company of a woman who I can have fun with, talk to, share my dreams with, i mean she will be my
best friend, she will be my mum, dad, sister, brother, everything if you know what i mean...
I'm not looking for a one night stand. I feel chemistry is important between two people, not looks or income.
friendly, enthusiasm, sociable..nice to be your friend
Just looking for penpals,
hmmmmmmmm??? Any friends out there?? ;))
I am into art making new friends food surfing
The internet I like tk watch a good drama comdy
Like a good chat and good debate
I am honest funny mad deaf
I like the country I love walking in the rain I told
You I was mad so if any one wants to talk to a mad
Old woman this is the place to come
Buy Geri nick name gobby