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Send mail if u like to
What I am looking for is a woman who is as very open minded as I am and not afraid to get down and dirty as me both in conversation and on skype. As I mentioned, we are all 2 people wrapped up in one body. everyone sees one type but only a certain other sees the inner workings. Put disabled on subject line or chances are I'll just delete it. Thanks
im open 2 talkin 2 any1 so dnt hesitate 2 hit me up especially if u have whatsapp
looking for friends to write or email etc. I am interested in talking to people of any race or age and am young at heart. I have no children of my own but have my born blind brother to take care of. my husband and i worked for the movie industry and love to swap stories.
Looking for friends.
I would love to hear from anyone, particularly (but not exclusively) from those in the UK: who would enjoy platonic contact via on-site mail (I don't use the chat facility and I turn this off). Though this is merely a preference: it would be particularly interesting to correspond with a fellow wheelchair user. A person's race, appearance, gender, disability and age are irrelevant to me but an individual's personality is important: I look for kindness and respect. I hope you will also read the remainder of my profile, thank you.
looking for a pen pal cause well I just feel totally isolated and lonely, long story wont ramble on.
I just can not connect with anyone, blame my mental problem. really nice guy but nothing but misunderstood misjudged mistreated and such

Skype cause the email I signed up with isn't going to be around when im done here its gone so here is my Skype, jared.getson1. please add me
I would like too have my pen pal be from The U.S. or the U.K., male, between 20 and 30.
I'm Looking for a Penpal with the same Disability like mine (Asperger Syndrome) if anyone wants to be Friends with me Hit Me Up
Edwin Klemm
Hi there! I'm Mahdy, looking for friends :D .
Contact me at
A sincere person with a few health problems, looking to find someone to chat & communicate with. As well as a firm believer in trust etc, I am also a very good listener too.
Hi, I am 50y/o, suffered a spinal injury over 25 years ago. I am open mided and like to chat about most things. I would like to chat to other like minded people.
Hi im 26 looking for new penpals in UK only please (due to postage costs)
Just looking to make new friends, have someone to talk to :)
message me if interested
hi, Everybody I am Razi[nickname]. I am almost blind and working on daily wages. I want to do friendship with some one my email ID Please mail me I will wait.
I'm looking for pen pals with the same conditions who are understanding.
41 year old Single dad of one beautiful 6 year old (she lives with her mom but is with me a lot). Non-smoker, unemployed but on SSI. I have had BP all my life but was diagnosed as a teen but really didn't start getting help until I was 35
Hello! My name is Julia, I am 25 years old and I live in Sweden. I have been totally blind since birth. I am quiet and shy but I enjoy meeting new people and having meaningful conversations. I have stated my interests in my profile. Feel free to send a message if you would like to talk or know more about me. Age, gender and location are irrelevant. Please note that I am only looking for friendship.
Hi I'm Sandie, I like to read, laugh, and try to fill my days doing something that makes me happy, if you want to know more, ask me
any like to chat plzz feel free
Hi Everyone,

Hi, my name is Phil. I live in a nursing home in Boston Mass, USA. I am 62 years old. Divorced with one son who is 34 years old now. I have a few things. The three big ones are: hydrosyefflis, which means "water on the brain". It doesn't effect my intelligence, but it can effect my balance. It's a long story. I have also suffered from a strong case of depression and anxiety. I have been battling that since I was about 16 years old. It is under control in this nursing home. They control it very well with medication. I would still rather be alone and I sit in the dark, but that is nothing compared to what I was used to for the past 45 years. I have lived here for 3 years now and this computer is all I have, so send me some messages and keep me busy talking to you. I'm kind of liberal, but I don't bite. I don't come to this site very often. You can reach me at : if you don't mind personnel emails. If you would rather not, I understand. It takes a while to trust somebody. I just keep trying to find good people. Most leave, but I have some relationships that have lasted for years. What ever you would like to talk about, I am up for it. This is long enough. I'm better at reading emails than I am at writing them. Talk to you soon.

Hi, I am 67 but feel much younger at heart and mind. Like to meet new friends here, gender, race, ability is not important. Interesting personality and broad interests are more important, I avoid strict religious or political topics for discussion. For the rest, everything is negotiable if you are open minded and do not necessarily want to get your right. I am humorous and right on down the man. Be welcome.
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I am a good listener
I would like pen pals from this site only and from Europe. I am not here for fun and games just a few friends. I am a good listener. If you mess around being pen pals i will remove you or stop my connection to you completely.
Hi my names mark, I have ms and tendinitis ,,
And also suffer from high anxiety ,,
Would like to here from anyone who wants a pen pal
As I'm stuck in house ,, I don't get to chat to many people and would be great to find pen pal
I'm looking for someone that doesn't mind good conversation. I don't want a relationship, just a good long-term, loyal friend. It doesn't matter if you are male or female.

My e-mail is

Feel free to contact me anytime.! I look forward to hearing from you.
my name is mandy
am looking for women pen pals for friendship only
also like text on the mobile phone
am from wales UK
who dont give up after week or day
i get dispointed when things go wrong it my birthday is today
dont have much luck on the friends front dont
get realy down heated do
hope will hear from some one today mandy
dont have any luck on the friends front like passing the time of day on the phone in the mornings am looking for long lasting friendship who dont give up after week or day hate being dispointed being in little village can be very my birthday july 14th yes todaylonely for me am looking for women pen pals who like sending text on the mobile phone would like nice pen pal that call friend of my very own would love nice friends for ever more am from port talbot wales uk am looking for woman to have nice long friendship and to send text who from the UK wales cardiff caerphilly scotland swanseas bedwas caerphilly port talbot am looking for long lasting friendship who like sending text on the mobile also like talking on the phone who like passing the time of day with am looking for long lasting friendship who like sending text and passing the time of day with me please who also like talking on the phone hope to hear from you some time today please would love to have friend of my very owen please mandy
Im friendly christian here.
Hi there!!! I like to laugh but can be serious. Looking for a penpal. Someone to share thoughts with.. Must be drug /alcohol free... Hurry and check out my profile. If u like then u know what to do.!!!! Chat soon!!!