• 31-year-old James Sutliff likes to take care of himself. But what pictures of the body builder don't show is his internal struggle to accept his "hidden disability".

  • For people with physical disabilities, issues with sexual function, or a total lack of experience, the path to getting off can be isolating and just plain awkward. However, a group of sex surrogates have pioneered a radical hands-on approach called "medically assisted sexuality" to help fulfill the intimacy needs of people with handicaps.

    In this episode of 'Slutever,' host Karley Sciortino investigates this culturally taboo therapeutic treatment, and meets the clients and practitioners straddling the line between therapy and sex work.

  • 리우 2016 패럴림픽 개막
    The 2016 Paralympics have officially opened in Rio.
    The opening ceremony had all the glitz and glamour you'd expect, but low ticket sales, budget issues and a lack of volunteers are casting a shadow over the celebration of sport.
    Kwon Jang-ho reports.

    The 2016 Paralympics have begun.
    18 days after the Olympics closed in Rio, the Maracana Stadium Wednesday night was once again filled with samba music, colorful dancers and elaborate fireworks, as well some incredible somersaulting stunts by a wheelchair athlete.
    Over the next eleven days, 43-hundred athletes from 159 countries will be competing in 23 Paralympic sports.
    That includes the one-hundred-39 competitors from South Korea, who've set a target of twelve gold medals and a top-ten finish.
    There are also two athletes representing North Korea, as well as two members of the refugee team competing under the Olympic flag.
    But as with last month's Olympics, empty seats and low ticket sales are again a big concern.
    The organizers have said a late upsurge in interest is expected to lead to tickets selling out, but with about a million of the 2-and-a-half million tickets still available on Monday, that could be optimistic.
    Drastically reduced budgets and a shortage of volunteers threaten to disrupt events as well.
    But it's hoped that much like the Olympics last month, once the games begin, the focus will be on athletic achievement and not the off-stage drama.
    Kwon Jang-Ho, Arirang News.

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