• 'Mad and Disabled' - watch epic wheelchair pride parade

    'Mad and Disabled' is a pride parade that is organized to raise awareness for mentally and physically disabled people. The march was held in Berlin over the weekend for the third time.
  • Crashing wheelchairs and clashing football skills

    When it’s played indoors, it’s played on a basketball court (outdoors it’s played on any available field). Able-bodied players are allowed too; another rare trait of an adapted sport, but they must use a wheelchair. The video shows both types of players and they answer the question, “Why you like wheelchair football?”

  • How To Date Someone In a Wheelchair

    This video is about How To Date Someone In a Wheelchair

    she goes over all of the basic things you should and shouldn’t do when dating wheelchair-users, including questions to avoid on a first date.

    One of her biggest pieces of advice is letting people know that it’s rude to start off with, “What happened to you?” even if it’s eating at you when first meeting a person in a wheelchair (especially under romantic pretenses). “Never lead with that,” Sonja says, and boy is she dead on right.

    And she shares a lot more, from how people in wheelchairs are way more sexually active than most people realize to making sure to not over-help us. It can be annoying. Just wait for us to ask.

  • So you want to date a woman in a wheelchair!?

    A couple of fashion tips, my shoes and outfit of the week and dating paraplegic women. Do's and Don'ts! These are my experiences as a woman in her thirties and dating as a paraplegic women. I explain my outfit and tips on fashion in a wheelchair. Types of dresses and how they can accentuate your body. I show my fabulous shoes of the week! I also discuss common myths and misconceptions about paraplegic women, dating and what to say and do and what to probably not do. How to just be yourself. There is more to come! Please enjoy!