• Body builder's 'hidden disability' - BBC News

    31-year-old James Sutliff likes to take care of himself. But what pictures of the body builder don't show is his internal struggle to accept his "hidden disability".

  • They can't walk but they can dive - the disabled are free underwater

    The Marine Discovery Dive is an annual event that is the brainchild of EK Lim and his friends at People Support People in Malaysia.

    The group wanted to give persons with disabilities an opportunity to experience the sea.

    Many never get this chance because it's not physically accessible, and it goes against a general perception that persons with disabilities shouldn't be undertaking such pursuits.

    Well, People Support People is busting that myth.

    Not only is this event about bringing together able-bodied people and people with disabilities to learn from and support each other, it's about showing the community of people with disabilities that they can be empowered and break through their own limitations.

    One of the most valuable lessons we learnt on this trip is that disability is not about someone's physical limitations. It's about the environment. If we work to make it accessible, persons with disabilities have an equal chance of succeeding in everything that able-bodied people do.

    Underwater and out of their wheelchairs, these persons with disabilities are free. They can't walk but they can dive, because in the water, we're all the same.

    The Marine Discovery Dive 2016 is open to volunteers (those who dive and those who don't) and persons with disabilities from around the world. Training is provided.

    Find out more about the story and how you can help at:

    Or visit PSP's facebook page at:

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    Additional footage by Zhang Chao Yu

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  • Virginia Beach program gives disabled chance to surf

    WAVY News 10

  • Wheelchair Pushups: Meet the Inspirational Amputee Crossfit Trainer

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    An amputee CrossFit trainer is teaching other disabled people how to push their bodies to the limit. Twenty-six-year-old Zack Ruhl can impressively bench press 420 lbs and do pushups in his wheelchair. Last year he opened up his own CrossFit gym where he offers free classes to other amputees. Zack was born without thigh bones and brittle bones in his legs so doctors amputated them over the course of his life. 

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