This video is what I made with the charity Fixers. I am sharing my story to inspire you to think twice & to have the best life possible! I am going to be speaking at schools and other events & with help from Fixers I am going to be handing out wristbands as a reminder of my story.

  • 'Mad and Disabled' - watch epic wheelchair pride parade

    'Mad and Disabled' is a pride parade that is organized to raise awareness for mentally and physically disabled people. The march was held in Berlin over the weekend for the third time.
  • 3-D printed wheelchair built to conform to body and disability

    It’s the first of its kind in the world: a 3-D-printed wheelchair. The device was recently unveiled by a London-based design company. Designer Benjamin Hubert is creating a 3-D printed wheelchair with a more personal touch. Its seat and foot bay are made to conform to the user’s individual body shape, weight and disability.

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  • Crashing wheelchairs and clashing football skills

    When it’s played indoors, it’s played on a basketball court (outdoors it’s played on any available field). Able-bodied players are allowed too; another rare trait of an adapted sport, but they must use a wheelchair. The video shows both types of players and they answer the question, “Why you like wheelchair football?”

  • Disability Activists March In Bolivia

    Protesters with wheelchairs and crutches marched hundreds of miles through the Andes Mountains in Bolivia to demand better disability benefits.

  • Get Ready With Me ~ Naked 3 Palette | Jordan Bone ♡

    Just thought I'd film getting ready for a bloggers event I was going to. I was so upset that I didn't even make the event in the end due to really bad traffic :( boo! Anyway, I hadn't used my Naked 3 palette in some time so thought I'd show it some love! Enjoy

  • Go Mobility Shower Chair, commode chair, portable shower chair

    Go Mobility Shower Chair, The undisputed, most-easily-commuted commode, shower and bath chair EVER! Check it out at http://www.goesanywhere.com

  • How Not to Hit on a Girl Who Uses a Wheelchair

    Every year young women in wheelchairs become the next line of fierce disabled ladies, and the latest girls to blossom into strong, proud women are making some awesome videos full of spunk and strong opinions; spectacular videos the world needs to see.

    From calling out people on things that annoy them to showing some surprising sexuality despite the presence of a wheelchair, here are three fresh videos from female wheelchair-users who show us we have a bright future to look forward to full of strong disabled movers and shakers.

    Our first video comes from the very sassy Stephanie Woodward, who has a few choice things to say to the men out there trying to hit on women who use wheelchairs.  She goes through a list of everything they’re doing wrong, and boy does she know what she’s talking about.  The first thing she brings up is how men will often say to her, “You’re pretty for being in a wheelchair,” and it just gets better from there.

    She corrects this horrible statement by saying what is the real truth, “No. I am pretty.  And the wheelchair doesn’t have to be part of it.” I love her self-confidence. The rest of the missteps she brings up are just as frequently heard. My favorite of her gripes is when men call her “Hot wheels.” Her response, “Yes, I know I’m a hot, and you’re right, I use wheels to get around. And now I know you’re stupid.”

  • How To Date Someone In a Wheelchair

    This video is about How To Date Someone In a Wheelchair

    she goes over all of the basic things you should and shouldn’t do when dating wheelchair-users, including questions to avoid on a first date.

    One of her biggest pieces of advice is letting people know that it’s rude to start off with, “What happened to you?” even if it’s eating at you when first meeting a person in a wheelchair (especially under romantic pretenses). “Never lead with that,” Sonja says, and boy is she dead on right.

    And she shares a lot more, from how people in wheelchairs are way more sexually active than most people realize to making sure to not over-help us. It can be annoying. Just wait for us to ask.

  • In service Mt Sinai Hospital

  • In-service demonstration

    Peter Hughes Inservice in Alabama.

  • Introduction to GO! Mobility Solutions

    Maker of the GO-Anywhere Chair portable commode/shower chair line.

  • Meet the Tecla Shield

    The Tecla Shield DOS is an assistive device that gives people with limited upper-body mobility the ability to wirelessly control technology by using external switches or the driving controls of a powered wheelchair.

    With Tecla, they can:
    -send and receive email and text messages
    -browse the web
    -read books
    -control their smart home devices
    -make and hang up phone calls at any time
    -enter text and commands with only voice
    -navigate apps and play games
    -fully access the features of their smart device

    Whether Tecla is used from the wheelchair, desk or bed, it is always on and ready for use. And when it’s not connected to the power source of a wheelchair, its built-in battery lasts for up to a week with continuous, regular use.

    The Tecla Shield DOS is compatible with:
    -iPod Touch
    -Android smartphones and tablets

    This means that people who have limited upper-body mobility due to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injury or stroke are no longer limited to expensive assisted devices. The Tecla Shield DOS gives everyone the ability to access mainstream technology.

    Find the Tecla Shield here: http://gettecla.com/products/tecla-shield-dos
  • People Hang From Bridge For Disability Benefits

    The Bolivian government allocated about $900,000 a year for the disabled community. Half of that is intended to provide monthly stipends, but Bolivians with disabilities say it's not enough. So they're protesting – creatively.

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  • Seable Holiday, Accessible holidays for the disabled and blind people

    Seable specialize in accessible sport and leisure active holidays for people with limited mobility and the visually impaired. Seable give you the chance to conduct a tailor made holiday that improve confidence and skills for life, challenging perceptions of disability and blindness.
  • Sky News "Swipe" - Disability Tech - Max Preston

    Technology aimed at easing disabled people's burden is emerging into an ever-growing marketplace. As part of the "Swipe" programme, Sky News journalist Max Preston - himself a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy - visited the Naidex trade show in Birmingham to try some of them.
  • Smart Wheelchair for Physically Disabled People

    This is a short demo to our project (Smart Wheelchair for Physically Disabled People) to help elderly and physically disabled people, Because it does not need any body stress, and just depends on what disabled person says.

    prepared By
    Jaffar A.Mohssin Ali
    Hassan Abdullah Hassn

    For more information Jaffhammad@gmail.com

  • So you want to date a woman in a wheelchair!?

    A couple of fashion tips, my shoes and outfit of the week and dating paraplegic women. Do's and Don'ts! These are my experiences as a woman in her thirties and dating as a paraplegic women. I explain my outfit and tips on fashion in a wheelchair. Types of dresses and how they can accentuate your body. I show my fabulous shoes of the week! I also discuss common myths and misconceptions about paraplegic women, dating and what to say and do and what to probably not do. How to just be yourself. There is more to come! Please enjoy!

  • Wheelchair Dance Competion

    Wheelchair dance competition in Europe.

  • Wheelchair downhill in Scarborough

    I went for a drive in my wheelchair in Scarborough. I saw a sign saying this path is unsuitable for wheelchairs. After a lot of studying the path I thought I could do this and I do like a bit of adventure.