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TOPIC: Trump is new American President!

Trump is new American President! 3 years 6 months ago #63644

Oh so there is not a chance Trump will be kicked down as a President elect and Hilary Clinton making it to those big white doors! I feel for you America having that orange clown as President! Migrate to Canada quick!! :ohmy:

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Trump is new American President! 3 years 6 months ago #63648

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Yes Canada is looking mighty good.
We will have to see what happens,the big day being December 19th...................what the electorate does, stay the course and/or vote for Sec'y Clinton.
Mr. Trump has an issue to be resolved with his assets ! Most Presidents not to create a conflict of Interest put them in a blind trust. He (Trump ) However feels his children are a blind trust :ohmy:
So stay tuned !

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Trump is new American President! 3 years 6 months ago #63674

I don't think recounts will help change the political climate. Like Britain with the brexit vote. There are many disenchanted electors. Some of the Conservative voters are not happy with the referendum but it will go ahead but I think it will be watered down to trry to please all. It would appear that by citing Article 50 Europe will have quite an influence on what actually happens and on what terms we leave and trade. But much like Karl says does central Government really listen to the electorate or as I suspect is it a law unto itself? Only time will tell. As long as Russia does not come into the equation and seek to become more powerfful. We think Russia has changed over the years and that democracy is creeping in but is it? And would the ordinary Russian populace dare to say otherwise. Let's hope Trump has the sense to have some wise advisors who understand the American people and realise that most are not super rich with vast property empires and the ability to attract sychophants whose interests lie with themselves and their interests as opposed to the interests of the people.

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Trump is new American President! 3 years 2 months ago #64433

I know I am late LOL replying to this but when I hear Bernie Sanders supporters getting blamed for Trump being president I get ticked off LOL

I am far from being a Millennial LOL but if you want to blame people for Trump lets back up to when just about every poll for several weeks showed during the DNC primary that Bernie had the best chances of beating Trump! Some by YUGE margins! Ok, so if you voted for the one with the least chances to beat Trump then you knew the risk you were taking and if there is blame then that blame can go to those that voted for Hillary instead of Bernie!

Having said that I really don't like blaming any voters for who looses and only go off on what I wrote in my previous paragraph when someone blames Bernie supporters because I don't vote for who I think will win/loose I vote my conscience! And I don't vote out of fear, either.

I will not vote for anyone that is for Fracking, bad trade deals, has super pacs, under FBI investigations that risked our National Security even if people want to ignore that, or has a record for endless wars that extends beyond protecting this country. Not to mention some things I heard her say out of her own mouth I didn't like and her history of flip flops I wouldn't believe anything she said anyways. I go by someone's record not what they say.

I did a lot of research on Hillary and I didn't like what I read. I knew Bernie's record, too!

And all the anger about deporting immigrants, people that are upset about that now they need to know who deported more immigrants than any other president! AND a lot of what Trump is able to do now was started under Obama. Not everything but a lot.

If anyone hasn't seen one of the Fox polls done recently, I did say FOX poll, showed Bernie Sanders having a higher approval rating of anyone they had on that poll which included Trump. I had followed Bernie for years and while I don't agree with him on everything, I agree with him on enough issues I did proudly vote for him! When Republicans were asked in his home state why they supported Bernie Sanders (since he has the highest approval rating of any sitting Senator) they said because he put their interests (farmers, middle class, poor, seniors, veterans) above Corporate interests. Hillary out right lied or twisted a lot of things about Bernie but even with that I totally believe Bernie would had beat Trump!

I do not regret my vote for Bernie Sanders. If I had it to do again I would vote for him again. A lot of people have woke up that were asleep under Obama. A lot of things Bernie bashes Trump for I know Hillary and/or Corp Dems were/are also guilty of so I didn't agree with Bernie endorsing Hillary! But that's him. What I love about being an Independent I can call wrong, regardless of which side it hits instead of being so hypocritical like so many are bashing one party for the same thing both parties do. Voting for the lesser of two evils only gives more evil and whether is lesser or greater as far as I am concerned it's all the same.

Like it or not there is not much difference with either party. Until the DNC wakes up and stops supporting Corp Dems over real progressives then Dems will continue to loose. Hillary took huge amounts of donations from top Republican donors. That says it all. As far as I am concerned she might as well ran as a Republican. And lets not forget all those Hillary voters that said they didn't need Bernie supporters to win the election LOL.

Now, I am sure I won't be popular here after this post LOL but my conscience is clear and that's all that matters to me. I don't listen to the major news Corp media, either. I listen to Tim Black, Independent media online :) and a few others.

My compassionate, caring side, of supporting ladies for years has always been regardless of which side they are on but they all know which side I am on LOL

Jana wrote: I'm completely gutted. I was no big fan of Clinton, but I did vote for her. In a way I was voting against Trump. Many millenials, like my 2 daughters, threw their vote away because they were Sanders supporters all along and didn't like Clinton. THAT ticks me off. Their votes could have made a difference.

Prior to the election many people who purchased "Obamacare" health insurance received notices from their insurance companies about coverage that would be cut and an increase in price. I have about a $50 per month increase. Others had more, some less. I lost my coverage for pain management care and lower back pain treatment. Of course! I have fibromyalgia and have had 2 back surgeries and am left with residual pain from that! I believe that this was a well timed move by the large for profit insurance companies to sway voters.
If people had kept a level head, things may have turned out differently.

What really grinds my gears is knowing that half of the people I see when I leave my house are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, gun toting jerks. I sobbed for 3 days after the election and I am afraid. I should have gone to an election party and gotten very, very drunk. It might have softened the blow, at least for a while.

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