Getting back into work

1 year 1 day ago #71257 by crowley
I have been long tern sick for 22 years how do i know if i can cope with a job

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1 year 1 day ago #71258 by jj~
Replied by jj~ on topic Getting back into work
Well Crawley is all you can do is give it your all 
Best wishes in your endeavor.

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10 months 1 week ago #71337 by Den100
Replied by Den100 on topic Getting back into work
I can appreciate how scary a prospect it is for you.  Just as your muscles can become deconditioned from lack of use (as well as disease), so, too, can work stamina.  To jump into a full time job after being out of the workforce for that length of time would cause extreme anticipatory anxiety and set you up for failure.  You need to start off slowly, gradually, part time, building up your work stamina.  Despite a Bachelor of Social Work degree and Career and Work Counsellor Diploma, I was never successful in the workforce because of my anxiety and learning disability (nonverbal) and inability to drive (a driver's licence is mandatory for so many occupations).  So I developed a self-assessment tool called D.I.C.E. (Disability Impact on Career/Employment).  It explores the effects of disability on career choice, work performance and accommodation needs.  Though the business idea was sound, the business model wasn't, and I was not able to generate income.  So I converted the tool into a self-help book and paid a vanity publisher to get it in stores and other venues.  However, my marketing skills stink, so I was unsuccessful at that.  At my stage of life, in light of all the failures over my lifetime, I had to reevaluate what success is.  So yesterday, I decided that the social service system and publishing industry (I tried the traditional route but was also rejected) was not going to control/prevent me from using the gifts that God has given me, and am giving my book away for free.  Since your situation is related to the purpose of this self-assessment tool, and it is free, I feel you have the right to know of its existance and avail of this resource if you wish.  

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