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3 Great kinds of Chew toys for dogs


Chew toys for dogs are available in many designs and shapes. You may opt for Nylabone toys for your dog if you are looking for a new, durable chew toy that won’t hurt your dog’s gums.  Your dog should have a variety of chew toys. This can help to improve feeding habits. The safety of the dog should come first when choosing a chew toy for your dog. Hard rubber is the best option since rawhide toys may choke the dog.  There are three main kinds’ of chew toys. You should choose the most appropriate one for your dog from the list below.


Nylabone Durable Wishbone


Here are 3 Great kinds of Chew toys for dogs:



1.   Rope style chew toys


These toys are durable and can withstand vigorous chewing. They also help in cleaning the dog’s teeth. Dogs drag the toys everywhere, and they easily get dirty. You should clean them regularly. You should buy toys that are durable and easy to clean. The toys made of cotton ropes are the best. Do not worry about the dog swallowing some threads. In case the dog swallows the threads, through the digestive system, the dog can easily get rid of the threads. They are not harmful to your dog.


2.   Hard rubber toys


These are the best type of chew toys for mature dogs that love chewing a lot. The safety of your dog should come first. You may review some of the best brands of hard rubber chew toys  This way, you are assured of getting quality toys that will last for a long time. Rubber is also easy to wash and can withstand high heat. Though it is still destructible, it lasts for a long time. You should check the quality of the rubber used to make these toys first before buying. Cheap rubber will easily get worn out especially if your dog enjoys vigorous chewing. Again, the dog may easily break cheap rubber toys and swallow some bits. This can be harmful to your dog. Some people consider latex and vinyl as a rubber too. For younger dogs or a dog that does not chew a lot, you may opt for vinyl and latex rubber.


3.   Stuffed and plush toys


This is the best type of chew toys for young dogs. You should check the filling of the toys though. In case the dog accidentally tears the toy, you should be sure that the filling is not harmful to the dog. To avoid choking, you check the stuffing and ensure the plush toys are strong. They are not easy to clean since the material also takes several hours to dry after washing. They are the best type of chew toys for dogs that mostly stay in kennels. The kennel should be clean and organized at all times.


You may choose either of the above chew toys for your dog. Toys offer companionship to your dog. It is a good way to keep the dog busy and avoid boredom. You should also play with your dog regularly.