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30 - 45
Aspergers Syndrome
to meet someone with the same disability
I am 33 years old. I work for the San Diego Public Library, and I have lived in San Diego for my entire life. I live in a small condominium with my cat, Grace. I am a very nice person, but I am extremely shy & quiet. I also have social anxiety, so it is very difficult to communicate & connect with other people. Lately, I have been thinking about finding a pen pal, which is why I joined this web site. My preference is to write letters with a pen & paper, and then send them in the mail, but I will also accept E mails. I am not interested in romance or relationships at all because they are too stressful for me. Making friends is very hard for me, so I would like to find a pen pal to write to who understands me.
Working, listening to music, reading, writing, movies, cars, coin collecting, astrology, and vintage electronics.
Listen to music, watch movies, and play with my cat.
Continue working for the library.
Elton John, Beatles, Mozart, Billy Joel, Tchaikovsky, Genesis, Dave Matthews Band.
The Sound of Music, Mask, Splash, Arthur, Jaws, Brooklyn, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Airplane!, Lawrence Of Arabia, Cleopatra, Grease, The Sting.
Forensic Files, Frasier, Becker. I hardly ever watch TV any more.
Books by Shel Silverstein, books about cars, books about mental health, books about cats.
My father, my late mother, my coach, my 2 favourite teachers, and a student I write to online.
My condominium.

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