Stopgap Dance Company (inclusive dance class for disabled people) Floor work with Chris


Replay is a digital channel created by Inclusive Dance Company, Stopgap. Replay gives aspiring dancers an opportunity to try out Stopgap's Company Class and Inclusive Yoga alongside learning extracts of Stopgap's own repertoire with tips from professional disabled dancers Laura Jones and Nadenh Poan.
This is a floor exercise from Stopgap's professional company class. This exercise focuses on the pouring of weight through different body parts. This prepares the body gently, before more intense weight giving. Please find your own translations or use Chris', Kat's or Laura's versions. Remember you know your body better than anyone else, so don't attempt anything you are unsure about.

Stopgap will endeavor to upload regular footage of class developments and so as the company discovers - so can you!
If you are in need of subtitles for this video then click on the settings icon, located in the black bar directly below the image, to turn the subtitles on.