Aero-TV: Aviator Sean O’Donnell – A Love For Flight Has No Limits

What's Holding YOU Back From Your Dream Of Flight?

While at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2016, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, shares a conversation with us that he had with Sean O'Donnell, a pilot and representative for Able Flight. In this video, we see an interesting airplane called the Sky Arrow, and we also hear the fantastic and poignant story of an organization called, Able Flight.

The Sky Arrow has been around for a while as an early entry into the field of light sport aircraft. It's a great little plane, but it also has one particular feature that made it perfect for the mission of Able Flight. The airplane allows hand control of the rudder through the installation of an additional control stick that only takes a few seconds. This mean the airplane can be flown by a pilot that cannot use foot controlled rudder pedals.

This is why the airplane is ideal for Sean O'Donnell and Able flight. Able flight is an organization that helps physically challenged individuals become certificated pilots. O'Donnell tells Jim how he became involved with the Sky Arrow and Able Flight because of his own disability.

This is an inspirational video that should be viewed and enjoyed by anyone who is interested in learning how Able Flight succeeds at what it is doing. Jim summed it up well when he said that O'Donnell turned his disability into an alternate ability.

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