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TOPIC: Sex life in trouble - Need advice!

Sex life in trouble - Need advice! 2 weeks 5 days ago #65847

Hi! I’m here to help my boyfriend. He is suffering from severe anxiety problem. This is causing trouble in our relationship as he is not able to ejaculate.
I don’t know how to deal with this situation. Last day, he forced himself to ejaculate but couldn’t do it and I was disappointed.
He is not under medications for anxiety, then why is he facing this situation. Can treatment for anxiety help him to correct his erectile dysfunction? I’m thinking of scheduling an appointment with a sexologist in Toronto to discuss erectile dysfunction treatment . I don't know how he will react to my decision. Will this hurt his feelings? Has anyone here had a similar situation? I would be grateful if you could share your experience here. Thanks!!

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Sex life in trouble - Need advice! 2 weeks 4 days ago #65861

I don't have your problems but I believe when your in a relationship it's best to share and discuss things together. I've been with my husband for 27yrs now and we discuss everything especially to do with my medical problems. I believe if you can't share problems in a relationship then the relationship is doomed. You must discuss your thoughts about going to the sex therapist you might find he will think it's a great idea.

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Sex life in trouble - Need advice! 1 week 6 days ago #65922

I totally agree with Bubbadog, you need to discuss the problem with your boyfriend before making an appointment to see a therapist. You may think it's a problem for you, but as a man, I can tell you it's a much bigger problem for your boyfriend and more than he would let on!
Most men, especially straight men, really don't like discussing things like this, especially with a complete stranger!
It's going to take a lot of understanding and support on your part, and a lot of patience!
Don't make him think it's a big deal to you, because that's just going to cause him more anxiety and make the problem worse!
Maybe you could spend more time on foreplay and not worry about 'the other'!?
There's a lot of pressure on Straight men to 'perform' and give the woman pleasure as well as himself, and that's not fair, sex should work in both directions!
Try having a night that's all about him and giving him pleasure, take time, have a little romance first and don't rush into it, a long, sensual massage first can do wonders (I'm Gay and I lost my virginity to a woman that way!?) let him lay back and enjoy it and you may be pleasantly surprised!?
Good luck with it!

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