U.K in grip of heatwave!

1 year 2 months ago #71333 by BUBBADOG14
The U.K is in the grip of a heatwave with yesterday hitting 38oc and last night it didn't go below 22oc and I don't know about you but I slept on top of quilt and still woke up with soaked through P.J's from sweat!! And what with temperatures due to be 40oc and above!! The U.K is hitting and breaking records. But with this heat comes the sad news of deaths,  2 teenagers are presumed  dead after going missing while swimming in rivers, both searches where called off late last night. 

The flights at Luton airports where delayed and some cancelled after parts of the runway melted and also the runway at RAF Brize Norton melted both needed repairing before flights could resume. Trains where also cancelled and busses had to be put on instead as train tracks in London and other places buckled in the heat. And 9 Counties have seen severe grass fires due to the with Fire officers warning of many more due to the heat and warning people  not to use barbeques or leave litter which could spark fires in the countryside. With today due to be the hottest day of the year the advice is to keep hydrated, don't go out in the mid day sun, look out for the elderly and pets, if outside where a hat and use sun cream. Or do as I do stay indoors and cool the room with a fan, close a curtain near to where your sitting to keep the blazing sun off you! Open windows in other rooms to keep the air moving round the house. If you have pets make sure there is available cold water up and downstairs. Try and enjoy the nice weather as much as you can!! 

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1 year 1 month ago #71429 by BUBBADOG14
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The U.K will be gripped with another heatwave this week with temperatures hitting 30oc + again causing the U.K to struggle. We are expecting water shortages and a hose pipe ban has been put in progress also crops have died and more grass fires are expected. If your out in the heat please take care and please, please remember not to leave pets in the car many have died so far. :(

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