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I am your typical Ozark Mountain hillbilly. I love my family and God. I joined this online community to fellowship with you fine folks. Due to my depression I tend to isolate myself. I think this will be good for me. Not only can I provide support and friendship for those who need it but it gives me a chance to meet new and interesting people. I prefer good 'ol fashioned snail mail pen pals. Call me old fashioned but there is just something more personal about a written letter. I enjoy learning about the different cultures and people from other countries. (An international pen pal would be great.) ---P.S. I am MARRIED and NOT looking for anything other than a friend!!----
I am looking for a pen pal to write via email or messenger or snail mail. I just ask that whoever writes me please be patient and understanding because with my autism and social anxiety I don't do well with people or social situations really well I don't understand social cues or people in general computers and Technology I understand a lot better than people. This is probably the reason I'm going back to college to get my associate's degree in computer science.
someone down to earth, and funny is a bonus. someone understanding and patient.
Somebody who understands this world although he/she looks at it through the eyes of insanity
I like corresponding with people, to exchange thought and ideas, to share happiness and sadness with them.
Hi. Haven't been on in a while. Been working on my greeting cards I enjoy making sending some to pens. I'm 43 hearing impaired but still love music and enjoy chatting over coffee meeting new people. Lots of interests. Stop by to chat
just looking for penpals
im 65 and doesnt matter male or female or age
I would like to make new friends at least online.
Would love to write to a Autism or Downs Syndrome girl as they are very friendly & have no hate ..Also Penfriends who are not mean & will be my friend for life.
Try writing to me whether you want to discuss e.g. what life in a wheelchair is like, your summer holidays, how unhealthy foods always seem to taste better than healthy ones, life with teenagers, or the latest major international incident. Or whatever is on your mind.

P.S. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship.
my name is mandy
am looking for women pen pals for friendship only
also like text on the mobile phone
am from wales UK
who dont give up after week or day
i get dispointed when things go wrong it my birthday is today
dont have much luck on the friends front dont
get realy down heated do
hope will hear from some one today mandy
dont have any luck on the friends front like passing the time of day on the phone in the mornings am looking for long lasting friendship who dont give up after week or day hate being dispointed being in little village can be very my birthday july 14th yes todaylonely for me am looking for women pen pals who like sending text on the mobile phone would like nice pen pal that call friend of my very own would love nice friends for ever more am from port talbot wales uk am looking for woman to have nice long friendship and to send text who from the UK wales cardiff caerphilly scotland swanseas bedwas caerphilly port talbot am looking for long lasting friendship who like sending text on the mobile also like talking on the phone who like passing the time of day with am looking for long lasting friendship who like sending text and passing the time of day with me please who also like talking on the phone hope to hear from you some time today please would love to have friend of my very owen please mandy
hello my name is Victor i'm from NY and i am 27 my AIM is megaman2195 my yahoo is omega118604. msn/skype is looking for any type of friend but obviously enjoy talking to ladies if your a good person im open to chatting with anyone but a female companion is preferred.
I am LGBTQ+ friendly, as I am a bisexual, transgender male, myself. I turn 23 on the 26th of this month, July. In my spare time, I watch Bob Ross, read tarot cards to others, and love Mr.Meeseeks from Rick and Morty. I am a very spiritual and religious person. I am a Wiccan that practices magick. My email is, or if you want to write by hand, I will give you my address so we can chat, especially when I'm at school. Thanks for reading!
I'd like a long-distance friendship writing emails. I like meeting new people.
im open 2 talkin 2 any1 so dnt hesitate 2 hit me up especially if u have whatsapp
I want to have pen pals
Steve  B
Looking to make new friends.
Miss female company and like to meet a female that would like to get out and see a bit more than just the four walls.
Hi everyone, feel free to email me if you think we have common interests. First check my profile though. I feel good whenever I can lend a hand. Just give me an opportunity to do it. Gender, age, race, or credo don't make any difference to me. Neither does your disability. Talk to you soon
Christian Woman. A lady who is open to a possible relationship. Please only females
Doctor Teeth
Despite the number of people on my friends list, there’s only 2 that I talk to on a semi-regular basis.
So you should totes be my friend, cuz I would luv that.
Looking for female Penpals of any age / disability, ideally from Scotland, or anywhere in the UK as it would be good to meet sometime. However, would also like to hear from penpals around the world
Looking for friends.
Niki D
I'm looking for females only between the ages of 18 and 29. I have a vision problem. My email is
Some how is down to earth and take me for how I am .and how will write more than once
Hello I'm nearly 25, looking for someone to talk to and has similar health problems like mine
Looking for new friends
Joy Lohrengel
4555 Macari Lane
Fallon, NV 89406
My email is -
must be a "people person" that cares about life and the good things "family and friends' Are important too !!

and a good listener thet imprtance :))

For my gal pal scars fine, don't like tatoos. earrings fine, but don't navel rings
Minty Vinty
Looking for people with similar interests who want to chat. I'd Prefer someone who I can handwrite and post letters to as oppose to email. I'm in the UK and I'm a brain injury survivor.