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I would like to make new friends
Seeking a female In a wheelchair or walking....underweight or over...
Dark skinned or light....
just looking for people to talk to from the world
Hi I'm Ally and I'm in my early 60's, but most days I feel much younger. I'm looking for friends from anywhere. I mostly use a wheelchair to get around although, I can walk a few steps. My back was damaged years ago in an incident at work. I have had mental health problems most of my life & recently found out that I have Aspergers & Dyspraxia ,it explains a lot. I live in Dundee, Scotland. My profile photo is me at the top of Dundee Law, which is an extinct volcano which towers over the city.
I have had a serious disability all my life and have had a decent education and a long career. Ideally, I would like be in contact with people who would like to be mentored in some way. Facing a new disability, for example, can be extremely daunting and if I can provide some pointers on how to break through the barriers I would be pleased to do so.
Looking for some friends to email with. I would like someone who is serious about being my friend, not someone who will cause me heartbreak. I believe that when we help other's we help ourselves. I would like to share everyday things that happen and just support one another, as well as share our triumphs together.
You are a treasure and priceless remember that.
I know the feeling that comes with losing ones mobility. I know the darkness that tries to creep in ar times. So i ask fellow )paras) going through those same things, so that we can talk and share and listen to each other. I've learned alot being incarcerated and I'd like like to learn what its like out there in a chair. God is good, awesome, loving, forgiving and so much more. If you'd like to give me a shot to join you in life please fill free to write me. Here is my address i hope to hear from someone. Thank you all have a blessed day.
Jaime A. Ibarra #1852573
Estelle Unit H.S.C-101
264 F.M 3478 RD
Huntsville, Texas. 77320
Need some new people chat too
Hii, I am probably passed it for some age wise but don't consider myself to be old (not that old anyway!), please drop me a line if you would like to be a pen pal with me, or may be just a private chat - I won't mind either way...
You can message me at
Let's talk
I am 56 male and would love to correspond with a female for companionship within the Uk, I have autism (self-diagnosed) and MCS, I live largely in isolation in these COVID days want to connect with similar.
I like to make new friends from different countries and cultures, and I am a good listener, as well as able to make good conversation.
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Hi I'm Avalon, Ava for short! I'm 17 and I'm just looking to talk to people. I'm paralyzed from breaking my neck around a year ago. I'm paralyzed in all my body except my face. I have a ventilator all day.
Looking for someone to write too.

Don't contact me if you're a spammer else you will be reported
I love you all. ... and god bless you who have visited my profile. .
Hi there, I search for a female writer that want a connection, fantasy, meaning thoughts and feelings, day dreams and not about daily life at all. To know me and knowing you is about creativity, passion and moments each day of smiles and joy, for the writing and being able to convey emotions in words, for a connection together and for creativity.

I am lonely, so with this I hope not be lonely but with someone in words of feelings, intense and relaxed, fun and exiting, uplifting and positive, no limits, only what we feel and long for. Life is not in the words for me, words is within me and I think writing is what you make of it based on what we feel and who we are, not just communication and the usual culture and interest but to feel and dream, express thoughts, desire in a sensitive way.

To be personal, to be open without doing the usual life and such but inner thoughts, desire and emotions, to engage and express. Being anonymous and yet knowing what is felt as it is written. For the fantasy of thoughts and dreams.

Knowing, getting to know is not defined by life as the daily but about what we feel and see and think and long for, together, sharing, caring and affection. There is no fear, cause words that is spoken from the heart and soul take the time, not only for continuity but for value of each other in writing.

I think how I define friendship, is much about how I see is there anything in common, what is the connecting thing, I dislike the traditional way cause it give and feels nothing, that's why it's so important to relate to what is written and felt.

So if someone ignore what my profile said or my pen pal ad, I ponder about the intent what then is it in common, if writing is bliss, then make is so, life is not so what I see , the fantasy is everything, escape is everything and why, why consume one self and reflect on life in negative when I can write in positive with someone based on emotion and just dream.

Message me if you can relate and want this, I seek you and hope to feel and see, like you and you like me. Then email me at

Thomas, thanks and you are welcome.
I’m looking for pen pals to fill my lonely days. I will write to anyone. So get in touch and age and any where please I’m a good friend to have. And some who will chat more than once
yeah, found it

I'd like a chat...
My ideal pen pal would be someone who thinks positive always think "able"cause we can !
27 years old girl from Poland. Disabled. Suffering from social anxiety and depression.

Mother to cutest black cat, named Tola. Video gamer, amateur YouTuber. Also amateur writer. Horror movies enthusiast. Music lover. Reading from time to time. Occasionally photographer.

Imagination is my escape from reality.

Looking for online friends, preferably those who have similar interests, with whom I could get along.

May have difficulties with opening up at first, being shy and distant but after knowing someone better can be more relaxed.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
I like 89s films thrillers .like comedies to
Hey I'm Paul 31 year old ex physio from England. Would like to meet pen pals, happy to talk about most things. Sociable and friendly despite looking like a misery on a photo ha. Have M.E but will chat to anyone regardless of disability, age or gender. There's more about me on my profile, looking forward to interesting conversations and hopefully meeting new friends along the way:)
Looking for a male pen pal that is sincere honest and likes lots of cuddles and is comfortable with talking things through.
Someone who would be there for each other.
To communicate via email/message here .
Age 50-59 as I am 58 female

But I will also reply to females that want to be friends and chat about girly things.
Hey, I don't mind getting to know you first to be safe and if things work out. I don't mind penpal or starting with email first. I am very cautious with who I share my info with even My email or my Address so if we don't click don't take it personally. -
- I am only interested in penpal ladies who are 25 plus. i am almost 30. So hmu!
Hi, I'm Canada. I'm not disabled but came across this site while looking for penpal sites. Just looking to meet new people from pretty much anywhere in the world. I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm married, just looking for some new friends to chat with. I'm a bit shy at first and find it difficult to make small talk at first but with time I get better at carrying on a conversation.
I'm looking for anyone who wants to chat. I would hope for someone who can relate to anxiety/depression (or mental health in general issues), but I welcome anyone :)

Reach me here if you want:
im open 2 talkin 2 any1 so dnt hesitate 2 hit me up especially if u have whatsapp
I would like to email anyone really that would like to email me.
I am open to exchanging emails, post cards and letters.