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I'm Katie, Im looking to find friends around the world is fine too but I would love to meet some girls with my Sydrome because I know its Very Rare , But if not then anyone whos between of the ages 19ish-35ish. Not anyone higher please. And I am just looking for friends so no relationships either. I wanna share with some of you what my Sydrome is because its VERY Rare:

I was born with Quadruple X Sydrome , basically, Females with Quadruple X have. Two extra X Chromosomes in each of there cells . Which also means I have a learning and speech disability. I had to take years of speech to be able to talk now, I have IBS , anxiety, fatigue too.

I would love to make long lasting friends with girls .If thats possible but guys too around 18-40ish thanks for understanding!(:
Looking for some friends to email with. I would like someone who is serious about being my friend, not someone who will cause me heartbreak. I believe that when we help other's we help ourselves. I would like to share everyday things that happen and just support one another, as well as share our triumphs together.
You are a treasure and priceless remember that.
I would like to have a PenPal who has the interest in snail mail.but Email is good too.
English is my second language so please don’t expect fluency and speed in writing (for email)
You can check my profile to know our commons.thank you.
no for now
Hi I'm Ally and I'm in my early 60's, but most days I feel much younger. I'm looking for friends from anywhere. I mostly use a wheelchair to get around although, I can walk a few steps. My back was damaged years ago in an incident at work. I have had mental health problems most of my life & recently found out that I have Aspergers & Dyspraxia ,it explains a lot. I live in Dundee, Scotland. My profile photo is me at the top of Dundee Law, which is an extinct volcano which towers over the city.
manly looking to chat with other people from any ware easy to get on with gsoh
serious when you have to be but fun loving
and be able to have a laugh
very friendly
anything you want to know just ask
I would like pen pals from this site only with real legitimate disabilities like myself only from (Europe)
hi single and looking for a bf and My interests include history, Art galleries,Theatre,antiques,wild life,walking,spiritual,zoo,photography,old properties,outdoor,movies,travelling,cooking,vintage cars,cuddling,70's 80's ,music,opera and i got Speech sound disorders involve difficulty in producing specific speech sounds
i can be a great penpal friend or in person friend as long as neither of us use one another and dont judge one another and try to be helpful never hurtful.
Looking for female Penpals of any age / disability, ideally from Scotland, or anywhere in the UK as it would be good to meet sometime. However, would also like to hear from penpals around the world
I like to make new friends from different countries and cultures, and I am a good listener, as well as able to make good conversation.
Say Hello!
Hi! Looking for penpals for good conversations and some laughs... I have MS and am well familiar with the challenges it brings. I’m a good listener and do not judge. I’m a friendly sort...say hello! (send private message- we’ll connect from there)
I am looking for a pen pal to write via email or messenger or snail mail. I just ask that whoever writes me please be patient and understanding because with my autism and social anxiety I don't do well with people or social situations really well I don't understand social cues or people in general computers and Technology I understand a lot better than people. This is probably the reason I'm going back to college to get my associate's degree in computer science.
First of all Hello everyone. My name is Abhishek I am from India. I want to say something about myself, I had a small stroke of paralysis in my childhood, but now I am very healthy. I saw the profiles of all men and women on this site, I have never seen anyone with a disability. Everyone looked the same. If any person can contact me, if everyone is satisfied with this sentence, then send me a message in my email which is abiswas05@gmail.Com, please be able to write here. Everyone will take care of themselves.
Hi I'm Avalon or Ava. I'm 17 and from Australia. I'm a quadriplegic (paralysis neck down) so I won't check this a lot. Feel free to message me asking me for my email which I'll check more often. More information about me is in my profile.
Hey I'm at 16 year old girl from Ireland. When I was 8 I got hit by a car (I don't have memory of it) so now I'm paralyzed. I can kind of use my elbows and parts of my wrists in my arms but thats it. I can't move or feel anything below my collarbone medically C5 complete spinal cord injury. I also have some other disabilities from accident but those aren't that relevant.
I'd like a long-distance friendship writing emails. I like meeting new people.
I'm looking for e-mail penpals from anywhere in the world who can relate to having a disability. I'm also very interested in different cultures and what's it like to live with a disability in different societies. I'm looking forward to meeting you! :) Feel free to send me an e-mail at
I'm looking for a women to talk to. I seem to feel more comfortable talking to them then males. No offense to anyone.
Hi How are you adorable queen how is your day.. i really appreciate coming across your profile on the site am new on the site and coming across your page i would love to know you more better am easy going ,simple,good sense of humor and smart would like to meet same kind of woman ..
Penpals sought and gladly accepted :) I like to write to people from all over so if you read my profile and think we may have some things in common, please write away. I am good with messaging on this site, emailing, or even snail-mail, just let me know your preference. Fair warning, I am the wordy sort so my replies will generally be long.
Not looking for a romantic partner right now, (long term relationship ended not too long ago and I'm still a bit heart-sore) but friends would be great.
Hey hows it going?
Im a 45 year old guy from South Carolina in the US.
I enjoy talking about fantasy,sci fi, and horror video games, books, movies, tv shows etc. Also a big fan of the outdoors and i love animals. Conspiracy theories, off the wall things, random stuff. Really a huge fan of stories in any format. I try to think outside the box and love meeting others who do the same.

Just looking for somebody to talk to on a regular basis. All are welcome.Love making new friends. If you're interested in talking just drop me a line at

If you do write, make sure and tell me youre from this site so i know whats up. Look forward to hearing from yall and have a good day.
I’m interested in an email Penpal that has a similar condition to mine and would like to become friends.
My ideal pen pal would be someone who thinks positive always think "able"cause we can !
Let's talk
I WANT MY FRIENDS or penpals onlyTO BE FRIENDLY KIND HAPPY POLITE HELPFUL careing thoughtful. I do go out and about more often now with my shared lives carers
I DO still GET BORED but not as often.
I used to pen pal years ago meet some nice people meet some not so nice but the good out weighed the bad ones so figured I’d give it a try minded non judgmental believe to each their own I can understand the you if you can understand the me. Strong believer in the fact there can be no relationship friendship or other with out trust honesty and loyalty to a point. Depending on what the relationship may be ??????
Hi everyone, feel free to email me if you think we have common interests. First check my profile though. I feel good whenever I can lend a hand. Just give me an opportunity to do it. Gender, age, race, or credo don't make any difference to me. Neither does your disability. Talk to you soon
I love to meet new people