I love writing/chatting so feel free to contact me don't be shy!
Hello my name is Tony and I'm looking to make new friends on here to chat with. I love to write letters but can message on here also. I am a big fan of Abba and love their music.
I like cycling, running, dancing and social clubs.
I also like to cook and bake cakes.
I am hoping to make lots of new friends
been here for two years... made some wonderful penpals and here to make more.. if you like chatting about any general stuff, I am here to listen.. you can write to me at aishwarya3711@gmail.com
Looking for someone around my age range which is early to late 20s older pen pals are cool too i would also like the person to have similar interests as me
someone honest understanding trusting respectful loyal
Hello my name is Bobby Ray and I am 56 years young entertainer with Arthrogryposis and wanting to make new friends. I am easy going with many interests from music to Jesus. I am flexible, respectful and kinda conservative. I am non judgemental and really can't hang with drama or violence. I usually have so much to do and so little time to do it. So, I am more than likely to be online and respond in the evenings after 7pm. I have two terriers around 30 lbs each. They sort of adopted each other and are now sisters for life. I am very mobile and trying to lose a few lbs. Forty would be great! I am a singer by trade and entertain at retirement homes and assisted living places and sing at churches from time to time as well. I am semi retired so I don't entertain too many professional venues anymore. I sing for the love of it now. Well Ciao for Now.
Hi there, I’m Josie: 21 year-old ladyperson from the US with severe social anxiety and dysthymia.
New to the pen pal community, so I might be a bit awkward at first. Hopefully your patience will be rewarded with extravagant tales and an infectious personality, but I promise nothing! More likely, just another person to relate to.

Feel free to skip the pleasantries entirely and reveal your deepest anxieties and chaotic mental states right away. For example: "Hello! I'm desperate for a sense of connection but lack the social skills to navigate simple interactions! I've come to this site after the soul-crushing realization that I may very well be governed by fear until I DIE. I've also revised this message 13 times before sending to your inbox. My neurosis is crippling. LOL! How's the weather, mate?”

Joking aside, I do try and emphasize healthy boundaries. Especially when dealing with mental illness. Conversations with those suffering cognitive distortions can easily become unproductive or toxic (I’ve been on both sides). Not looking for codependency y’all, just a conversation. About anything, really- not just brain stuff, and with all walks of life!

TLDR; I gots the Crazies, but I don’t bite.
Hey hows it going?
Im a 43 year old guy from South Carolina in the US.
I enjoy talking about fantasy,sci fi, and horror video games, books, movies, tv shows etc. Also a big fan of the outdoors and i love animals. I try to think outside the box and love meeting others who do the same.

As far as all the things im dealing with:
I have AVPD, Disthymia (Depression), My new therapist thinks PTSD may be the cause of some of this not really sure. Its caused me to spend the majority of my life in relative isolation. No friends outside my wife and kids and people in the house. Sometimes that gets sort of hard to deal with.

Im Just looking for somebody to talk to in email on a regular basis. If you write please don't just say hello. Really tell me about yourself, your interests, hobbies, what you're thinking etc. Hopes dreams, all that good stuff. Im not a fan of small talk at all so we can skip that totally if you want. I really enjoy getting to know people so its just easier that way if were both open.

Im a lot different than most people. I feel like i dont really fit in this life. I find it hard to connect but I still keep trying. It used to really bother me but now ive gotten kindof used to it. Honestly sort of burnt out on people because everybody seems so high maintenance etc. Ive had many MANY penpals over the years but they usually just dissapear after a time. I sometimes think i wasnt meant to have friends but you know, whatever. Just part of life i guess.

Im a low key guy, no frills, i am who i am and if you like me thats great. If not thats great too and best of luck to you lol. Im just trying to get through this crazy thing called life like everybody else.

Im married, our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up. Just looking for a friend to talk to on a regular basis that shares some of my interests. If you think yould like to say hello, drop me an email at


NOTE: Please no scammers etc. You will be ignored.
Como estás querido!
I'd like to make friends via penpals. People with similar interests.
I love rock music and attend concerts when i can. I also love shopping, animals and coffee!
I am looking for females only between the ages of 18-29-years-old. It doesn't matter what country you are from. You can email me at this email address: penpals@theblindadvocate.com
i want someone honest loyal understanding knows what it is like to be disable
I’m a 30 year old female looking to make new friendships male or female. :)
I love you all. ... and god bless you who have visited my profile. .
Hi I'm Ed. I'm 55 and I live in Northern California. I love to read, have over 3,000 books in my trailer. I am a Stroke Survivor and am looking forward to traveling with my girlfriend all over the US.
I'm looking for a women to talk to. I seem to feel more comfortable talking to them then males. No offense to anyone.
Hello I'm nearly 25, looking for someone to talk to and has similar health problems like mine laurag310194@gmail.com
If the other woman is decided, I wish to get married the present year (2019), and we will have together a child.
43 single in London hoping to find a special lady. Check out my profile and drop me a message if interested.
Edwin Klemm
Hi I'm Andy 47 from England looking for fun chat with ladies of any age
Hi there. I am a full leg amputee and would really like to make some friends. I am a good listener as well as able to make good conversation.
Say hello
Female from 30 to 46 valdeztillman.vt@gmail.com
I would love to make new friends, age doesn't really matter but I get along better with females. Everyone is more than welcome, and it would be fantastic if you lived in England. ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLY.
I love to talk to people’s, love to dances , I love animal , and I will like a friends who would talk to me instead of ignoring. I love to watch YouTube video a lots of my spare times .
Hmm. I am not exactly sure what to put in this section. However, if you want to be my penpal, let me know. I could use one. I would like to start out talking via message or email for a while, okay? As for gender, you can be male, female, or something else. I don't really care about that. I would seriously rather avoid the topic of sex as much as possible. There are no sexuality restrictions on who can be my penpal. Really, the only requirements are I have for a penpal are the following:
1. No bigots, racists, transphobia, or homophobia.
2. Have something in common with me whether it is an interest, common disability, sexuality, etc.
3. Be aware, I am an asexual male that is marrying another asexual male. This is called homoromantic asexual.
4. I don't do too well with people saying one thing but meaning another due to my language processing issues. So, use more straightforward language. I mean you can be as eloquent and verbose as you like as long as it is written or I can use AAC. Just try to be as straightforward as possible. If you can't do this, don't bother.
5. I only have one restriction for age. Be 21 or over 21, please.
6. I can't voice chat. Literally, I can't speak. I could possibly do voice if I can get my microphone to pick up my AAC device better.
7. This is the final one. Flirting is not appreciated. Keep this in mind.
email: yathesu@gmail.com
Instagram: yathesu
Discord: yathesu#9525
Steam: yathesu
Switch: SW-2931-0701-6811
Battlenet tag: yathesu#1844
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Hey I'm Paul 31 year old ex physio from England. Would like to meet pen pals, happy to talk about most things. Sociable and friendly despite looking like a misery on a photo ha. Have M.E but will chat to anyone regardless of disability, age or gender. There's more about me on my profile, looking forward to interesting conversations and hopefully meeting new friends along the way:)
Hi, I would like to make new friends, I don't care about age or race, though I would prefer female company, but males are welcome too, location doesn't matter either. My e-mail: Donavin.Liebgott@gmail.com
Anyone, but not seeking a relationship, just friends




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