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7 metal plates in face from facial reconstruction surgery after an accident. Also battling cancer. I think im okay atm thankfully.
meeting new friends
Hey hows it going?
Im a 43 year old guy from South Carolina in the US. I have Avoidant Personality disorder and its caused me to live very isolated for a great many years. Besides my wife and kids i dont have any friends outside of the net, and lately not even that. So itd be awesome to make a real friend . Id like to find somebody to talk to daily or a few times a week. Sometimes this isolation really gets hard to deal with and weighs on my sanity to be honest.

Im hoping to find somebody on here i can talk to that shares some of my interests and we develop a rapport and become good friends through this. Im married with two kids theyre 19 and 22. A boy and a girl. I guess i should say young man and lady now lol. Man that makes me feel old.

Im an easy going guy, i love to laugh and can get along with most anybody but i have a bad anxiety disorder im trying to overcome that makes it hard to get out and make friends offline.So ive been trying to find somebody to talk to online.

As far as hobbies and interests and things im huge into PC gaming, mostly adventure and RPG games, but i play some FPS coop and mmo type games as well. Lately ive been playing through the assassins creed series.

Im drawn to stories in any format. Whether thats video games, books, movies, anime etc. Anything scifi, fantasy, or horror im generally into. This is random too, but I have this kind of weird attraction to abandoned places and huge empty spaces like space, the desert, the ocean. I think they have a sort of strange beauty to them and they put me at peace for some reason.I also love nature and animals.Weve got five cats and two dogs. I like poetry, art, reading between the lines and sensitive imaginitive people who aint afraid to say what they think or feel. I also seem to connect to people who dont really fit. The oddballs, the rejects misfits etc. If you fall into that category well probably get along great.

Music wise im all over the place i have lately been listenin to this stuff thats called retro new wave. Think stranger things soundtrack and thats pretty much it. Im listening to it as i write this... I also love country, smooth jazz, Rock (all kinds),blues, some metal, soundtrack music.

Im running out of room here but if you think yould like to say hello, feel free to message me i enjoy meeting new people and would love the chance to make a new friend. Look forward to meeting you.

NOTE: Please no scammers etc. You will be ignored.
Video games, Nature, Animals, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, historical drama shows, a lot of other things. Too much to list.
I love anything involving a good storyline. Video games, books and movies.
Not really sure i have those anymore. Not to die in a housefire i guess? lol
Anything on this list really http://www.classreal.com/
Vikings ranks pretty high, the last kingdom, breaking bad, too many to list.
The great and secret show by clive barker. Stephen kings Dark tower series.
Anybody who tells the truth. In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act
The ocean, and the woods.
My Penpal
Hey hows it going?
Im a 43 year old guy from South Carolina in the US.
I enjoy talking about fantasy,sci fi, and horror video games, books, movies, tv shows etc. Also a big fan of the outdoors and i love animals. I try to think outside the box and love meeting others who do the same.

As far as all the things im dealing with:
I have AVPD, Disthymia (Depression), My new therapist thinks PTSD may be the cause of some of this not really sure. Its caused me to spend the majority of my life in relative isolation. No friends outside my wife and kids and people in the house. Sometimes that gets sort of hard to deal with.

Im Just looking for somebody to talk to in email on a regular basis. If you write please don't just say hello. Really tell me about yourself, your interests, hobbies, what you're thinking etc. Hopes dreams, all that good stuff. Im not a fan of small talk at all so we can skip that totally if you want. I really enjoy getting to know people so its just easier that way if were both open.

Im a lot different than most people. I feel like i dont really fit in this life. I find it hard to connect but I still keep trying. It used to really bother me but now ive gotten kindof used to it. Honestly sort of burnt out on people because everybody seems so high maintenance etc. Ive had many MANY penpals over the years but they usually just dissapear after a time. I sometimes think i wasnt meant to have friends but you know, whatever. Just part of life i guess.

Im a low key guy, no frills, i am who i am and if you like me thats great. If not thats great too and best of luck to you lol. Im just trying to get through this crazy thing called life like everybody else.

Im married, our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up. Just looking for a friend to talk to on a regular basis that shares some of my interests. If you think yould like to say hello, drop me an email at


NOTE: Please no scammers etc. You will be ignored.




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