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United States
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18 - 29
Depression / Anxiety
Compulsive skin picking (A disorder, not a disability, but whatevvvs)
to meet someone with the same disability
A simpleton with severe anxiety who has trouble connecting with humans IRL.
Not looking for codependency, just a conversation.
guitar, drawing specific things like trees and monsters (have yet to do a tree monster), vegan cooking, taking pictures of weird bugs and plants and ID-ing them, getting pissed off about plastic pollution.
making “important” lists that I promptly ignore
Becoming the adoptive mother of a pet pig, in a zero-waste household of my own
Mid-tempo bummer music, piano rock, and anti-folk such as: Wilco, Ben Folds, Eels, Lady Lamb, Dr. Dog, Modest Mouse, Jeffrey Lewis, and Kimya Dawson.

Recent jams: Kishi Bashi, Son Lux, Chon
Sucker for Pixar, Inside Out should be mandatory for all developing humans. Nature documentaries for days. Maria Bamford’s Netflix comedy specials.
No TV, but rather unhealthily obsessed with iTunes podcasts, such as:
The Hilarious World of Depression, Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger, Shrink for the Shy Guy, Unladylike, Last Podcast On The Left, I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, John Dies at the End, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, anything Michael Crichton, Hyperbole and a Half, I Am Malala, natural history non-fiction.
My parents; hardest working people I know. Amanda Fucking Palmer. The sloth woman from Bachelor 23.
My friendly neighborhood Phó restaurant with the adorable carrot flowers
My Penpal
Hi there, I’m Josie: 21 year-old ladyperson from the US with severe social anxiety and dysthymia.
New to the pen pal community, so I might be a bit awkward at first. Hopefully your patience will be rewarded with extravagant tales and an infectious personality, but I promise nothing! More likely, just another person to relate to.

Feel free to skip the pleasantries entirely and reveal your deepest anxieties and chaotic mental states right away. For example: "Hello! I'm desperate for a sense of connection but lack the social skills to navigate simple interactions! I've come to this site after the soul-crushing realization that I may very well be governed by fear until I DIE. I've also revised this message 13 times before sending to your inbox. My neurosis is crippling. LOL! How's the weather, mate?”

Joking aside, I do try and emphasize healthy boundaries. Especially when dealing with mental illness. Conversations with those suffering cognitive distortions can easily become unproductive or toxic (I’ve been on both sides). Not looking for codependency y’all, just a conversation. About anything, really- not just brain stuff, and with all walks of life!

TLDR; I gots the Crazies, but I don’t bite.

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