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san francisco bay area /eastbay
About Me
60 and Over
ah/hd hyperactive learning disabiled. post knne replacement one year was
worth it pain level like
night and day.
to meet someone with the same disability
working full-time
still have time till I can retire
not leaving the bay area ever
the people & the weather is
a big factor. and possabally a gal pal.
to hang out with..
by the way i'm a guy
my profile is wrong

ham radio shortwave radios police
scanners,reading books,vounteer for
a couple of groups, like to listen to
sudio books too. too and from work

the beach,hiking some place close to home/local area,and
like to watch dvd movies
sitting in my patio relaxing on weekends
, Going for job upgrade, Posabally working a few hours a week
barry manalow,billy johl elton john.dubbie brothers and
chacago. EWF ELO

beach boys stuff like that

rap i can't stand
dramas love stories,
no X rated stuff some R rated.
and other stuff it varies..
crime medical shows and fire fighting,shows
law and order. going to start watching
chacago fire -med- pd.

movies, a little of everything else,

hallmark movie channel /lifetime
netflix hulu !!
robin cook patrica cornwell

john grissam the attorney who writes books. And going to used book stores
and the local non chain book stories
when possable!!.

love audio books on the way
to work..
any of the first responders,

and refired!!
san francisco bay area or hawall
My Penpal
must be a "people person" that cares about life and the good things "family and friends' Are important too !!

and a good listener thet imprtance :))

For my gal pal scars fine, don't like tatoos. earrings fine, but don't navel rings

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