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New Zealand
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46 - 59
Brain Injured
meeting new friends
I am disabled through a car accident 24 years ago. Before my accident I was completely able bodied but I suffered a serious brain injury which left me blind and in a wheel chair. My legs and my arms dont work properly and I have support workers in my home around the clock. I have a cat, that I adore.
I really would like to make new friends from around the world and Im open to any gender and disability, I don't discriminate and I am an open book... Have fun!
Music, shopping, going to concerts, travelling, talking, listening to my favourite programs, tattoos.
To hopefully travel and attend lots of rock concerts.
Old school rock
Grease, Dirty Dancing... movies with great soundtracks.
Shortland Street
Don't Tell The Doctor
Staff at the hospital
My home country
My Penpal
I'd like to make friends via penpals. People with similar interests.
I love rock music and attend concerts when i can. I also love shopping, animals and coffee!

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