i'm Japanese who is taking a peritoneum dialysis because of a renal failure. i'm looking for someone who are taking a dialysis and can encourage each other. i'd like to correspond by snail mail or email. it is much better if you have same interests. available languages are Japanese (native), English (high-intermediate) and Korean (elementary). however i'd like native speakers of English to be considerate of me. i don't need the people who are arrogant to non-English speakers.
besides i need only a friendship but not a romance.
Hi, I'm Anni , 53 (That'll be a young 53 lol)I'm looking to make new friends, and this seems like a good place to start. I like people, places, music, theatre, cooking, staying in and going out and sharing things with nice people. I go to work every day but not much goes on for me outside of work.I have moderate mobility problems and pain issues, but I just get on with it - there's no point in moaning, it's better to be cheerful!
hi i'm Deborah 41 from London, i have Spina Bifida, would like to make new friends, so if your interested please send me a message
Hi..I'm Benny from south Texas..I'm 58 years young and very young spirited..I'm a paraplegic (polio)...I work a lot and when i'm home alone i'm lonely....looking for young or young spirited penpalgals that are willing to keep me company...I'm openminded and can talk about anything except poltics..lol...i like watching football,rock,heavy metal music but i still like to listen to any music with good rhytham...look forward to hearing from YOU
Hi my name is carol but i go by the name of caz,i have cerebal palsy and walk with stick,s i,m supposed to use my chair but my physio has given up on me!!
I am fun loving but i,m looking for someone who will hold me and cuddle me especally those horrible cold night,s,i love life i live my life but i hate people treating me as if i,m stupid {people treat me like an idiot just because of the way i am!} i am single i own my own car,i love music and i love life!! i am very much an all round girl i love eating out going to the pictures, romantic stuff, i have been in a long term relationship but that fizzled out and now i,m once more a free agent so if you think i,m worth looking up please leave a message and i promise i will get back to you
I am new to this site. My name is Amanda I am 33 years old and have a heart condision and asthma. I live in Hampshire UK.

I enjoy spending time with my mates, I have many interests, photography, reading, bowling, shopping and going on nice walks, and listening to music.

I come from a close knit family and have a wonderful dog who is very tuned into me having an off day and then won't leave my side. I love her to bits.

I'd like to hear from new pen pals who are genuine nice people any age any disability, male or female.

Best wishes
hi, i'm rick from carolina beach n.c. i am interested in making new friends from anywhere, i ehjoy learning about different cultures. looking for frienship only, i'm happily engaged. thank you.




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