Hi. I'm looking for a pen pal. My email address is camryngattuso@gmail.com
You can also reach me via phone; I can send IMessages.
Searching for a penpal
I’m looking for a penpal who is looking to create a close friendship. Im looking for a friend who I can lean on for emotional support and who I can give support to as well. I am hoping for a friend who is optimistic and compassionate; honest and straightforward. Hopefully this magically wonderful person exists somewhere! If that’s you, please reach out!
My ideal penpal would be nice caring understanding non judgemental open minded funny and can hold a good laugh and conversation through this website email or phone calls feel free to contact me with any questions thanks for stopping by
No 10, 475/20/63 Nguyễn Trãi Str, Thanh Xuân District , Hà Nội
I have been here before on this app, but I had deleted my account. I created a new account now. I am a disabled person (I can't walk) and an introverted HSP Empath personality. I have a problem with focus, but I am a quick learner and an extremely gifted person. I also have a problem talking to people and socializing, and if I am forced to talk, I can't make eye contact. Sometimes my brain goes barren for days, and I can't think at all. But I am pretty good with this letter-writing stuff. I think I have shared enough about myself, and even after that, if you write to me and don't get a reply, then you should know that I am the problem here, and there is nothing wrong with you. I know I am not so unique, neither a celebrity nor something like that. Still can't help myself. I hope you'll understand. I don't often come here, so if you need to talk, just drop me a message. My email is mmvenusj2@gmail.com. And my telegram username is: @slowlife111
Hi, I am new here. I have PTSD, congestive heart failure, COPD, arthritis, and a couple of others., looking for friends or more.
Looking for people to talk to, exchange emotional support and build friendships.
I'm open 2 talking 2 anyone so don't hesitate 2 hit me up...
Who uses a pen anymore?!
woodhallwood@outlook.com for typing! Love to hear from you soon ;-)
I've been searching for good websites to make friends with the similar condition and/or situation, but it's not easy to find one, maybe there's no such a specific website?

Well, I think the root of my mental issues are my childhood traumas. And I don't know what to do anymore. I'm just tired of everything.
Hello thought I would update my profile as I have got new photo

Well I am older autistic adult in her 40's but looks young for her age please note I am asexual as well which means when it comes to relationships I don't mind kiss and cuddles but that's it

I am still struggling with my mental health

I have lots of hobbies and interests

Just wanted to meet new people and see what happens
I love God, and all of his creation. Especially people with different perspectives, experiences than me.
I'd love to meet someone else with ADHD or autism.
I am so boring and sad is lonely long it is crying... I am still single looking a deaf woman if you are single with still interested in me will be you're a dating anyone just asking to do you want to need in love... I'm not a married and do not children, me looking for a relationship with a deaf woman, will you date me single what about you? You need to trust each other's... Please me help with seen what you will talk about a write is message... Oh, that prettiest you good alright if you do that once you can do it again... But me still love her so, and I'll never let her go. :)

I am deaf.
I am between age 30 and 40.
I am South Africa.
Thank you so much... Please your help in the disabilities of around to the world.
Hi, my name is Marquis and I am looking for people to talk with. I am a good man and I love my life which is a good thing. I love my family a lot. So that is a good thing. to always have I am a good person with a good heart.
mjyf33ti8 b
Hi I'm Daniel. My schizophrenia is different rare. It's post delusions instead of future. Instead of thinking I will someday .... I think I already did in the past...... All my delusions are past tense and I'm told that is very rare. Anyway I digress. I'm looking for a penpal. I don't deserve one but I look anyway. Want to be my friend....
Someone who lives for me and likes to take more than ones and likes the same things as me.and I will write to anyone any age and any disability. Every one needs a friend and someone who will message every day about every day life. And become good friends .and will and lest say hello every day
looking for penpals.
just looking for penpals
im 69 and doesnt matter male or female or age

mature people with similar interest to discuss about interesting topics
Looking for women in wheelchairs

Don't send me friend requests without messaging me
Looking to meet new people that understand life with a disability. Hoping to find some happy. I don’t care to speak with anyone that is not in the US. I really don’t care to talk to any men under the age of 47.
Just looking to exchange messages using this platform on a friendship level.
I am looking for pen pals from all over the world to make new friends.
I'm open to listen to anyone who wants to talk to me,so please feel free and do not hesitate to hit me up...together we can…….
just looking for people to talk to
My name is autumn. I'm 20 years old and I have autism and a brain injury which happened when I was 17.

I am here to try and make friends and meet people. I have trouble with things and very shy.

My email is autumnlovedaisies@gmail.com
i like to make new friend




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