I have been here before on this app but I had deleted my account I created a new account now. I am a disabled person(Can't walk) and an introverted HSP Empath personality. I have a problem with focus but I am a quick learner and an extremely gifted person. I have also a problem talking to people and socializing and if I have been forced to talk I can't make eye contact. Sometimes my brain goes barren for days that I can't even think anything. But I am pretty good with this letter writing stuff, I think I have inaugurated enough of myself and even after that if you write to me and don't get a reply then you should know that that I am the problem here and there is nothing wrong with you. I know I am not so unique, neither a celebrity nor something like that. Still can't help myself i hope you'll understand. I dont often come here so if you need to talk just drop me a message my email is mmvenusj2@gmail.com
I am looking to make friends and penpals from all over this small fragile planet that we live on. I would like to meet people with other handicaps and disabilities, and learn how the deal with their disabilities, especially when they live in other countries, and in countries where there is little support for the disabled. I'm retired, and would like to find a way to help other disabled people, and maybe just communicating and providing support for others would be a good start.
Looking for women in wheelchairs

Don't send me friend requests without messaging me
I’m looking for a true friend. Who likes me for me. Penplas on line or by post or email or phone my email is cathlewis958@yahoo.com or mobile.
I'm open 2 talking 2 anyone so don't hesitate 2 hit me up...
I'm friendly , caring, like to meet new people. I enjoy animal movies , action movies , comedies, and cooking shows and all the Arts. I enjoy very simple things in life like going to the park. I am looking for pen pals that just want to be friends. Thank you hope to hear from you soon.God bless
Hi my name is kirk I would like anybody from around the world to be a pen pal and to find a partner And any age from 25 to 50 years old
Please Contact Me : 1988thompsonpaul@gmail.com FEMALE FRIENDS ONLY
would anyone like to role play with me in chat
Searching for a penpal
I want to write letters frequently, nothing too serious just tell me about you, about your days, what makes you happy, where is your happy place.I am willing to use other formats besides pen and paper.
I’m looking for anyone who like me for me and. Would loves horror films and Star Trek and gothic.and to make my lonely days brite
I’m looking for long term penpals.who are down to earth and will write more than once.and will like me from who I am male or female. And will write to anyone. And I’m bipolar my email is Catherine Lloyd878@gmail.com And I now live in Kent. I move. 3 weeks ago. For a new life I used to live in wales
Greets, I'm Kyla a talkative 22-year-old that sees life as a story in the making or an adventure. If you wish to talk with me I'd love to hear from you. Kyla. diamond.still@gmail.com is my email I have discord feel free to message me if you want to contact me there.

I look forward to hearing from you :3
Hi beautiful souls, I love to hear from you, we have a lot to share, don't keep that funny joke to your self......
looking for someone who matches my energy, regardless of the location
I Have a Secret
My name is autumn. I'm 20 years old and I have autism and a brain injury which happened when I was 17.

I am here to try and make friends and meet people. I have trouble with things and very shy.

My email is autumnlovedaisies@gmail.com
Be happy with the way you are.
HI! I really want a pen pal! I'm a really good listener! I don't care what ever you are! I can do letters!
Hello I got really bad anxiety at the moment so my mental health isn't really good at the moment but I am trying to get help and staying positive even though some days can really bad
Would be great to talk to others who are having the same problems as I am
besides anxiety I also have other mental health issues but don't really what to on about them here
Looking to make friends and seek some advice
i am partial to ethnic women: Hispanics, Middle Eastern, African American, Asian. i will share my culture and learn of yours i am compelled to explore GOD's diverse creation. join me please
To add a penpal message.

Click on 'update Profile' on the left hand side

click on 'my penpal' tab

write in the box

click on update

that's it
I would like to make new friends
I would like to find some penpals from around the world to write to. I love animals, 10 pin bowling and dancing.
I am only looking for friendships.
Hi there!
I love to make pen friend over here. Write me or knock me any time.
My personal social site profiles- www.fb.com/themohoram and www.linkedin.com/in/themohoram . My CV is also available at www.tinyurl.com/mmacvshared . You may write me over e-Mail at: MohoramsWheels@gmail.com or inbox me over Facebook messenger at: www.m.me/TheMohoram or Whatsapp me at: +8801714245908.
Hi there I'm Thomas, I'm looking for a female email pen pal that likes to write and have something in common with me, I feel in terms of friendship, to define it, I think it's important to have something in common. and that is also more emotionally and not just interest, to understand the thoughts and want to be part in connecting together, and that to me is defined friendship.

In 1996 I started my interest in writing, as I gotten older, I became more into escapism, not to say writing is a form of storytelling, but personal thoughts and feelings I mean. I don't think there is a purpose for me to look at daily life and life and say that is worth writing about, what does that say about me as an individual, I don't think so.

If you like creativity in words, emotions inside your self, looking at things from how it feels, thoughts to share, that is what I embrace. I think a woman that can look at writing and feel the joy from it, can understand that what I seek is writing from the heart and soul, and not a phrase for nothing but write and feel, visualize the thoughts and see that being creative, being one self is writing, a reflection and a connection, together when being alone.

Writing is a longing for understanding and connecting, not about reality or stories, but about the heart of me as an individual, the sense that there is not pain, no confusion, no discomfort, just a connecting feeling of relating to one another emotionally, if you understand that contact me.

Anonymous and yet open and seen, closed off and yet welcoming, that is the form and choosing to express it in my own way.

My email for direct connection or a message here as a bubble of sorts, wizardnerevarine@gmail.com

I am new in this comunity and I would like to have penpals that can talk about disability in a free way without being jugdged. Im willing to have penpals.
just looking for penpals
im 69 and doesnt matter male or female or age




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