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Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis from age 2 years old
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Howdy, my name is Joy.
I have grown up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that I came down with as a 2 year old.
My JRA went into remission when I was 14 yrs old, but of course it left me with lots of joint issues and the need for multiple surgeries including several joint replacements....
I grew up in a very outdoor active Family and I feel so Blessed to have enjoyed so many outdoor sports, most of which I still enjoy doing .... We grew up having Horses and Ponies which are my life's passion. Having Horses also helped me be and stay included in many sports like hunting, camping, trail riding, and more. We enjoyed fishing and shooting too. We hunted with just about every weapon possible, like bows, black powder, and regular rifles....
My sister and I were very involved in 4-H growing up and I went on to show many types of Livestock (mostly sheep as we owned and ran our 160 acre Sheep Ranch in North Central Washington) in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) ....
I have been happily Married to my Best Friend Mark for almost 23 years now, and we are the proud Grandparents to 7 awesome Grandchildren.
These days my Husband and I own and run our small 10 acre Ranch in Nevada where we raise mostly Miniature Horses, but also have a couple of Arabian Horses too. We also raise breeds of Sheep that have mostly hair instead of wool. We enjoy showing our Horses, and entering in parades with them too. We fish, still do a little hunting, camping and trail riding.
I trained and showed Dogs in 4-H while growing up, then some AKC Shows as an adult. I have trained Service Dogs for myself since I was 17 years old, and in the past 20 years or so, I have trained Service Dogs for others, and have helped some people train their own Service Dogs....
We also breed Mini and Toy Aussie Dogs and occasionally Chihuahuas too. Although I no longer show Dogs due to choosing to show our Horses, I still enjoy watching Dog Shows and other Canine Sports too. We belong to a local gun club and enjoy target practice....
For the past 2.5 years I was fighting to save my left leg from a bad bone infection caused by a botched knee replacement. I lost that fight having to have my leg amputated twice, first below my knee, then mid thigh after the infection came raging back. I am happy to now be infection free, and walking on an amazing prosthetic leg.
We are Christians and not at all ashamed to say so. We live a very Conservative life, are very Patriotic and enjoy being members of the NRA.
I have rescued and raised many different kinds of wildlife and I find it very rewarding to see them successfully returned to the wild as often as possible ....
If you think we have enough in common and want to be Friends, or just wanna chat, just let me know.
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Most anything with Horses, and outdoors
Going back to college, work part time, and work on getting back in the saddle and riding as an amputee for the first time.
Classic 70's, 80's and some 90's Rock, and Country music.
Wow, there are so many .... I'll get back to this.
Criminal Minds, all CSI, Heartland, all NCIS, True Blood, Without A Trace, most any Scifi....
My all-time favorite so far is STRANGERS by Dean Koontz... if you have a physical challenge, you just have to read it. This book will totally surprise you...
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