I’m looking for long term penpals.who are down to earth and will write more than once.and will like me from who I am male or female. And will write to anyone. And I’m bipolar my email is Catherine Lloyd878@gmail.com And I now live in Kent. I move. 3 weeks ago. For a new life I used to live in wales
Greets, I'm Kyla a talkative 22-year-old that sees life as a story in the making or an adventure. If you wish to talk with me I'd love to hear from you. Kyla. diamond.still@gmail.com is my email I have discord feel free to message me if you want to contact me there.

I look forward to hearing from you :3
Hi beautiful souls, I love to hear from you, we have a lot to share, don't keep that funny joke to your self......
looking for someone who matches my energy, regardless of the location
I Have a Secret
My name is autumn. I'm 20 years old and I have autism and a brain injury which happened when I was 17.

I am here to try and make friends and meet people. I have trouble with things and very shy.

My email is autumnlovedaisies@gmail.com
Be happy with the way you are.
HI! I really want a pen pal! I'm a really good listener! I don't care what ever you are! I can do letters!
Hello I got really bad anxiety at the moment so my mental health isn't really good at the moment but I am trying to get help and staying positive even though some days can really bad
Would be great to talk to others who are having the same problems as I am
besides anxiety I also have other mental health issues but don't really what to on about them here
To add a penpal message.

Click on 'update Profile' on the left hand side

click on 'my penpal' tab

write in the box

click on update

that's it
I would like to make new friends
I would like to find some penpals from around the world to write to. I love animals, 10 pin bowling and dancing.
I am only looking for friendships.
I am new in this comunity and I would like to have penpals that can talk about disability in a free way without being jugdged. Im willing to have penpals.
just looking for penpals
im 69 and doesnt matter male or female or age
I’m looking for down to earth pen pals email for and chat. Any age and disability everyone needs friends and I will message anyone
My name is Naomi I am 25 years old
I'm looking for e-mail penpals from anywhere in the world who can relate to having a disability. Because of my social anxiety, it's quite hard to form friendships in real life so I thought penpalling would be a great thing. Apart from that, I'm very interested in other cultures and how disabilities are seen in other places. And of course I like to get to know interesting people, so feel free to send me an e-mail at:
My email address:
Any ladies who would like to contact me feel free, happy to chat about any subject. Let's see what we have in common. TV Music, Eating out/pub. Holidays, Movies, Cooking. sport. Disabled issues, Anything you like
Hi, my name is Jack and I'm 23. I was born with developmental dyspraxia of speech.

I'm looking for new friends and people to write to.
Hey! I'd love to be virtual penpals with someone. Unfortunately I cannot send physical mail so if that's what you would like I cannot help you. Check my profile for more information about me! I can give my email address if you'd like to use that for exchanges, but I can also use the chat function on this website. Cheers!
Seeking for honest and serious woman
Looking for friends to converse with.
I WANT MY FRIENDS or penpals onlyTO BE FRIENDLY KIND HAPPY POLITE HELPFUL careing thoughtful. I do go out and about more often now with my shared lives carers
I DO still GET BORED but not as often.
Hello there,
Here's what kind of pen pal I want. I want a guy, not a girl. He must be between 18 and 40. He must be from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Please introduce yourself with your name, age, and where you're from. Thanks
Hi everyone my name is Gary and I am looking for a friendship leading to who knows what,i am a stroke survivor but I can get around ok with crutches i live in the midlands Leicester as a matter of fact,i haven't been on this site for a while but I hope to meet people who enjoy life just like me no matter what life throws at you
We are a strong team of dedicated workers. Our aim is to offer service, especially to the disabled persons. Our experts can offer physical assistance as well as psychological counseling. We believe that a disabled person is a differently abled person. With some care and proper encouragement, every disabled person can experience fulfillment and satisfaction of social inclusion.

Hello, I have trouble making friends in real life, so why not go online?
if you interested me then you contact me my videophone 347-263-8134 for deaf people only please!
Hi, I'm just looking for penpals who like writing actual paper letters. I have bipolar and a bunch of other stuff, but don't let that put you off. Hope to make some nice friends :-)




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