Hi everyone, I'm female, 47 years old, married and would love some penpals to email, text or chat to on msn messenger. I'm a loyal friend but very shy and quiet because I've lost all my hair to see autoimmune disease. I would love to hear from anyone around my or an age if possible from the UK but anywhere would be good. I like music, piano, reading, tv, animals and cross stitch. Email me at karusell100@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you Thanks x
Hey! Feel free to penpal me!:) I'm open to speaking to anyone and everyone!
I would like to make a few new friends, I know its hard when your new or having a bad day. I dont always have access to internet so paper writers welcome too, thankyou.
Anyone who wants to penpal with someone in New Zealand
hello everyone, i would like to have penfriends from anywhere in the world, i have been told that i am a good listener with a cheeky but clean sense of humour, so if you want to let of steam or have a laugh please say hi
I would like to connect to mature and genuine individuals. You can mail me at priya20.shridevi@gmail.com
I am looking for a few e-mail friends to talk to.
i am looking for a very kindhearted friend, i can not do without and hoping that one day we can meet in person and share some life time together . maybe he/she coming down to meet me .etc. I really need someone to share my life with whom i can talk too about the world and how we can make other friend also become happy about their condition not to give up . because God loves everyone and one day there will be no more tears and sickness as the Bible says.
Looking to make connections with other people, any age, any gender. Email and perhaps whatsapp if we become friends. I have a severe disability so msgs may be short but always genuine and caring.
Hello I am new trying to figure how to join the forum. I'm on here because those of us who are disabled and caregivers can get so frustrated by small and big things. We need to talk to someone outside the box of our family and friends.
Hey I'm looking 4 penpal friend
Hello I'm just looking for someone to talk toAnd make new friends. People with other disabilities that feel they need someone to talk to and listen I am that person
Widow, looking for a pen pal and to have good conversations. I do not judge a book by its cover. I look at the heart and how someone treats me.
Hi everyone ! I am 36 and married. An accident confined me to a wheelchair a few years ago. I love horseback riding and the outdoors. I am a cat person. People say I am very compassionate and a good listener. Looking for friendship with women that have a similar disability or interests.
To be a different thinker and open heart.
truth respect and loyalty most important
I'm looking for a woman who is single, shares my love of creative hobbies/animals, and who doesn't define/identify herself by her disabilities.
Someone who has her real image in her profile photo, who loves to write/receive very long, detailed letters, and who is looking for a partner, and is willing/able to relocate if necessary.
I am looking for pen pals from all over the world
Hi everyone. I am a 58 years old women who lives with CP every day. I love reading.spending time with my handsome husband and friends. I love to travel see new places. I love ,art,music and writing poems are short stories. I would like to correspond with other people who live like I do with a handicap on a daily places to help support one another through the hard days and celebrate the good days .Thanks ,Leah
I would like to meet my woman in my country
I love meeting new people.Exchanging e-mails,e-mail chatting and also being on Facebook.You can find me there.I was diagnosed with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis),and Pulmonary Embolism (P.E).in May of 2015
Facebook: Bill Branche
Google hangouts, bbranche48@gmail.com
Hello! I'm Alana Smith, I'm 26 years old. I had two strokes five years ago now. I'm very kind and loveable person:) I I'm looking for pen pal and online friends.
find friends with schizophrenia
Looking to talk with someone and make some good friends. Age, Gender, race it doesn't matter to me were all human...
any body send me email at any time. welcome all of you. my email- mkum.ch@gmail.com. i waiting for your friendship.
A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities
Jessica is 19 years old and she likes the movie frozen and princesses. Her favourite shows are dora and doc mcstuffins.

Jessica would like to be penpals with other girls, age doesn't matter. She loves writing to people.

Jessica's email is

I'm looking for a penpal who have similar interests to me and Who won't mind talking about medical problems we both have once we have got to know each other. I live in the UK and whilst I would prefer somebody who is also from UK it's not essential
am interested in a pen pal cause well Its a bit of a long story, I'm just an unusual person is how I'm going to put it for now.
it be great if I could connect with someone who knows what its like being different and so feel like all you are is someone for people to make fun of, I am sorry if I have offended anyone was not my intention. anyway I am a really nice guy, just misunderstood. I honestly have no idea why I came back here, to me this is just another failed attempt to um I don't know how to say this, im hurting a lot its a very long story and its late so I just cant be bother to tell it so all im going to say about it is society just keeps offending me, just a tip of the iceberg.





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