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United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
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46 - 59
Wheelchair User
I have chronic & extensive arthritic back pain. I also have two conditions which primarily affect my legs & feet as well as my back. My mobility is very restricted.
meeting new friends
I am an understanding person and take an interest in others. Music is a passion. I am interested in current world & domestic affairs particularly politics, medical conditions & treatments, animals, the internet/computers, ufology and philosophical poetry but I enjoy mailing on everyday topics too, however I don't include religion in this nor am I interested in mailing in response to my correspondent's business interests. I always look forward to reading and replying to members mails in my mail box.

I hate all forms of discrimination. A person's race, nationality, appearance, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age etc. are irrelevant to me but an individual's personality is important: I look for kindness, respect and those who take an interest in others, I also seek those who use this site regularly. I am retired, married, without children (by choice) and live in South Yorkshire, UK.

I turn the on-site 'chat' facility off. I only seek on-site pen-pals and not meetings nor exchange holidays etc. I only use on-site mail. I don't give my private e-mail address at any point and I don't respond to requests for it.
Thanks for reading my profile.
Current world & domestic affairs especially politics, the internet/computers, ufology and philosophical poetry
Watching opera and ufology videos on YouTube
On the day my leg conditions were diagnosed I was also given a totally separate diagnosis of cancer: I have subsequently been lucky enough to be given the cancer 'all-clear'. As a result of this: making the most of life is my top priority.
Opera, however there are lots of other genres of music which I love e.g.: prog rock, classical and Tamla Motown. I love bands like Muse plus Santana and Basement Jaxx. I also love artists like Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughn and Amy Winehouse.
I'm not really into films but did enjoy: 'The Accidental Tourist', 'The Witches of Eastwick', 'Bridget Jones' Diary', 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' and I always enjoy the 'Carry On' films.
'Coronation Street', 'The Supervet', 'The Undateables', 'Don't Tell The Bride' and 'Impractical Jokers'.
I'm not much of a reader but I do love philosophical poetry, my favourite is: 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran.
Matt Bellamy (Muse), Carlos Santana, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, Ghena Dimitrova (Bulgarian Dramatic Soprano who sadly died, aged 64 in 2005, I was though: fortunate enough to meet her as well as see her many times in live performance in Europe and the USA in the late 1980's/early 1990's), Liudmyla Monastyrska (Ukrainian Spinto Soprano).
Scottish Highlands, I also love the seaside, Vienna and Rome.
My Penpal
I would love to hear from anyone, particularly (but not exclusively) from those in the UK: who would enjoy platonic contact via on-site mail (I don't use the chat facility and I turn this off). Though this is merely a preference: it would be particularly interesting to correspond with a fellow wheelchair user. A person's race, appearance, gender, disability and age are irrelevant to me but an individual's personality is important: I look for kindness and respect. I hope you will also read the remainder of my profile, thank you.

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