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United states
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18 - 29
Neurological Disorder
Possibly autistic
Possibly bi polar
meeting new friends
I am a pretty complex person. I have lived on my own since I was 19. I have my own apartment, I don't work or attend school but I do have a YouTube channel. I also enjoy watch tv, anime, movies, listening to music, reading a great book. I am agnostic. I am also Asexual. I am searching for a non-sexual relationship.

Contact me: penpalseeker90@gmail.com
Kik: ninjapandasattack
Skype: animequeen17
Anime, video games, watching tv or movies or reading a good book. I am also really into greek mythology
Watching anime, reading, or playing sims
To find the man of my dreams and have lots of beautiful babies
I pretty much love anything that isn't heavy metal or dubstep or dirty rap
I watch anything that isn't sci-fi(minus star wars) or too sappy
game of thrones, BBT, Supernatural, arrow, flash, TWD, gotham
Anything by lemony snicket, the missing series, vladamir todd series
Vic mignogna, Green day, my grandma
My Penpal
I am 28 years old. I love anime and playing video games. I am a youtuber. I don't work or drive. i am looking for friends ages 25-33

Contact me: penpalseeker90@gmail.com
Kik: ninjapandasattack
Skype: animequeen17




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