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46 - 59
Back problems Asthma. Depression and anxiety
meeting new friends
I’m kat 50 im kind caring I’m divorced I have 2 daughters one who lives with me and one that lives with her antie ..I take life as it comes and I’m down to earth person. And I treat people like I would like to treated my self .and like to talk to interesting people and bit of everything ..and I’m good listener and great friend to have .and
Music soaps family reading art craft and collecting stamps.shells and art and craft and I love art and play key board .and .a lot more
Home with family and friends
To be happy
80 90 country classic .welsh music
Old films from 80s and now
Emmeardal farm .cooking programs nature programs
I lots it depends on my mood
My late father.
My Penpal
Someone who lives for me and likes to take more than ones and likes the same things as me.and I will write to anyone any age and any disability. Every one needs a friend and someone who will message every day about every day life. And become good friends .and will and lest say hello every day

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I hope everyone has a great day! I have a staff meeting for work for 4.5 hours.




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