Concerns the FAA will lower its standards by hiring people with disabilities

2 months 3 weeks ago #73283 by Able_Here_Team
There are concerns the FAA will be “lowering the standards” by pushing for more diversity hires, including people with disabilities, according to The Matt Walsh Show host Matt Walsh. “On the face of it, it seems plain ridiculous, I think when you look deeper, it still seems plain ridiculous,” Mr Walsh told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan. “What you’ll hear from people on the other side of this, the people that are fans of these kinds of diversification efforts, is that they’re doing this, but they’re not lowering the standards at all in order to do it– that’s the claim. “Whether it’s the FAA or any other institution that is putting DEI into practice and trying to diversify, none of them will come out and say ‘we’re lowering the standards’. “But that obviously is what ends up happening.”

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