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I would like to be your on line Penpal. let me start by saying I am a real person who would like to fill in your loneliness, I am 66 years old and a native American. My tribal affiliation is Oneida on my Mothers side and Comanche on my fathers side. I was born and raised in Chicago I grew up in the Pilson neighborhood on the cities near west side. I have experienced many things through out my life and I would like to share them with you and we can talk about anything and everything. And please feel free to ask me anything, I will always give you a strait answer. I sincerely hope that you will give me a chance to be your friend. My name is Martin but you may call me Marty. As you can see I am new here and I didn't know where to start, so I suppose I should start with my disability. A few years ago I had a kidney transplant, my oldest son Marty Jr. gave me one one his and as a result of the medication that I take it gave me diabetes. So there I was with a life saving operation only to get another life threatening illness. Well at least Creator has a sense of humor. Lol. You should have saw the look on both of my son's faces when I told them that one especially my oldest son Marty who is a devout Christian I thought he was going to bounce off the walls. It was a kodak moment for sure. My youngest son Richard said to me Dad do you always have to find humor in everything? To which my reply was son if you let this thing affect you it will eat away at you just like the disease I have and I will not allow that to happen. I am Oneida and Comanche and an Elder of the tribal counsel and a warrior. I also know that Creator is with me and he may not always give me what I ask for but he will always give me what I need. My email is warrior6411@yahoo.com
Camping, hiking. movies, native American seed beading, crafts.
I enjoy giving my time to youth groups
To be the best I can be.
Oldies, Classic country, Jazz, A little bit of everything.
west side story, the robe, spooky movies.
Crime, history, actions,
James Alexander Thom the Panther in the sky.
Tecumsen : Chief of the Shawnee Nation.




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