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30 - 45
Muscular Dystrophy
Crohns Disease
meeting new friends
I'm looking for friends. I have been working hard to heal myself, inside out. So I'm looking for sincerity, honesty, loyalty or any positive attributes. No drama or negativity please. But I do understand times needed for empathy and just needing a friend to listen to you.
I have some form of Muscular Dystrophy. Started in 2005.
Crohns since 1988.
A lot has been taken away but whatever I can do I will. I love anything that has to do with nature and animals. Love to travel but it's difficult now. Besides sitting at a bar and drinking, I enjoy just about anything.
Horseback riding if there's a way
To heal myself, write a book about it and teach/help others. It can be done :-)
I enjoy just about all kinds of music's besides Rap and Classical
Don't have a favorite. Just don't like horror
Once Upon A Time
Dont have a favorite
Myself....Buddha and Jesus
Love all places

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