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30 - 45
I am not disabled
meeting new friends
I am an easy going, down to earth person. I just go with the flow. I am interested in many adventures that this life has to offer.
I enjoy watching a good football and basketball game. I like attending county fairs, street festivals and concerts. I travel whenever I can. I like walking on the beach or simply sitting under a tree in the park to read. Although I am a city girl, I do enjoy many outdoor activities. I attend church regularly. I normally keep an open mind to try anything.
I like the soul, soft jazz, reggae, R & B, smooth groves, some country and some rock (not much tho ').
Action, thrillers and some comedies. I watch television every day rarely.
I've been reading a series of books over the last while by Jacqueline Carey, 'Kushiel's Trilogy', except there are more books now than just the three! I love fantasy and science fiction but these days probably more fantasy than anything else. I used to read Arthur C Clarke when I was growing up, H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and many more. After reading Tolkein's 'Lord of the Rings' over 30 years ago, fantasy seemed to really open up and it's my favourite switch off these days. Have read so many authors, it's hard to remember them all. Have read all of Jean Auel's novels (set in a pre-historic world), Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Janny Wurst, David Eddings, to name a tiny, tiny few. When I was growing up, I was always allowed to read for half and hour after I went to bed, so my love of reading stems from there. Did the same with Sean and certainly Sean has blossomed from this. He read his first novel by Rudyard Kipling when he was only 6 and read it in 10 days! He's never stopped since! He's also written his first book and is hoping to publish, so am keeping my fingers crossed. I like to write poetry and had a publication, I have a collection that should be collected in a book published .... and maybe one day?




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