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I'm a 28 year old gemini with a BA in psychology. I'm Black and I'm from Harlem. I used to do some modeling and I used to have a lot of drive to be social psychologist but my disability really interrupted my education and enthusiasm. I currently sometimes make it to my volunteer work at a preschool, but generally I'm home indulging in leisure.

Given the energy I've received since being here I must add this. I'm virtually asexual. If you're asexual or demisexual I'd like to be friends maybe even date. I just can't tolerate conversation with people who's lives revolve around sex. Or whatever they find it necessary to mention their desire every conversation.

I'm interested in finding a penpal to chat with about random life things hopefully anime/manga (but nothing like naruto or one piece, more like Dororo or That time I got reincarnated as slime) and FOOD (I love talking about weird things to eat). I want to talk to someone who overcomes their illness and people who don't. I'm open to a lot of conversation. I have an om tattoo because I used to be really into Indian spirituality. Kind of want to realize that again and meditate. Anyway thanks for reading this! lol
Anime, Manga, Television, (Exotic) Food, Psychology, Youtube
Eating, watching anime, reading manga, Sleeping
Hopefully get a PhD and become a psych researcher or just find something I am passionate about
Neo soul, R&B, some Hip Hop, P!ATD, blue eyed soul
40 year old virgin, Kama Sutra: A love story, Coming to America (I'm not really a movie buff)
Comedy, Mystery, Food, Reality
Brooklyn nine-nine, Bob's burgers, It's always sunny in philedelphia, george lopez, king of queens, family guy, american dad, futurama, black ink crew (chicago & ny), love after lockup, lockup, return to amish, 90 day fiance (and the first 90 days), Chopped, Baking Championship, Wild n Out
Comedy, Mystery, Horror
My grandmother
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I'm 28 year old Black bachelor's educated ex unsigned model who spends most of her time sleeping, watching anime, reading manga, watching tv, and a little bit of volunteering with preschoolers. I have bi polar disorder and I want to be more productive and more active but I'm still building my confidence from my last episode and break up. Hit me up if you want a friend who will listen and care and love to know about you especially if youre asexual or demisexual. I keep getting creepy questions and comments so I just want people to know I'm pretty much asexual.

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