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Hi, my name is Paul, made in Britain, 43, divorced with no children.

I would like to meet a first good old fashioned pen pal. I know what you may be thinking. No photo, fat 'n' ugly. Well no one has ever accused me of being either of those two things.

I have many hobbies and interests which include film and theatre, reading. Engineering, making and repairing things, DIY.

Love animals, adventures and travel, mostly in my own country.
Loveable and a little bit naughty. Growing up, many times my parents would return home to find all manner of animal life and creatures in the house. A number of times the bath tub would be filled with water and a variety of aquatic life. Not sure why I told you that or, what it says about me but there you are. Anyway if you aren't capable of annoying your parents, there really is no hope for you!

Always on the lookout for a friend, as good ones at least are hard to find. Also just because two friends live far apart and may never meet, doesn't mean that they can't help each other through letter writing or, be a positive influence. Do you agree?

Well if all that sounds fairly ok, send me a message or something. I wont bite..... too hard.
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