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30 - 45
Bi Polar Disorder
recovering from a broken ankle
meeting new friends
I'm from central Florida where the landscape's flat and open, and now live in Rutland, VT, where I'm surrounded by mountains in every direction. (They're a different experience altogether, hiking through than looking at them from a distance.)

I'm looking to meet people who are non-judgmental, and who prefer personal contact to spending all their time alone. I like to make music and to enjoy nature, and would love to have companions along with me.
tenor 'ukulele (low g, slack key), tenor and bass recorders, fermenting, horticulture
starting over since my families from my first two marriages are estranged from me
Forest Gump
I quit watching both TV and movies years ago, and I much prefer it this way.
A Tale of Two Cities
I don't really see people in terms of their being role models, while I can say I owe a debt of gratitude to my family who raised me, to my friends who have supported me, and to everyone else who has sought my welfare along the way.
camping in the woods or swimming in the ocean




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