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I'm a pretty open-minded person I love meeting new people and I accept people exactly as they are. I firmly believe in being there for people and being regardless of if you know someone or not. I believe in encouraging and supporting others in the things that they want to do with their lives and themselves because we only get one life so why not root for each other and be on the same team while living it? I don't hate people and I try my best not to be a very judgmental person. I respect other people's perspectives and I'm open 2 hearing them so I can learn something new.
I'm a huge movie buff, I also love to play video games and one that I really enjoy is called Animal Crossing. I also enjoy the show called the squid game. I love a good vampire movie and I love to travel I'm up for trying new things anytime. If I had to choose between dating a werewolf or a vampire I would definitely pick vampire haha! In which case we would just live on a farm with lots of cows LOL! I'm also into graphic design photography and performance art plays included.

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