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French Polynesia
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60 and Over
I am a carer
to find a partner
I'm German, retired, I speek English, French, Spanish, and have some experience as caregiver. I'm looking for a person with special needs I can love and care for with all my heart, I don't need to be paid. I live on the island Ua Huka in Polynesia, but ready to move. Only serious people, please, no scammers.
reading, playing guitar, watching good movies, astronomy
reading, gardening, take a walk
to find a partner I can love and care for
Hawaiian and Celtic guitar music, Music from all over the world, except rap and modern jazz
Shutter Island, Avatar, Still Alice, Margarita with a Straw, CODA, Call me by your name, The Lord of the Rings, My Cousin Vinny
I don't watch TV, always the same
1984, Stories by Lovecraft and Georges Simenon, Biographies
Everyone who risks his life to save others, Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Rosa Parks, and many more
At the beach

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