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60 and Over
Neurological Disorder
meeting new friends
A simple person. Trying to figure out how to explain this society that a mental condition is as problematic for social interaction as a physical one, only less visible...
Professional writer, teacher, painter, nature's lover and philosopher
I Live 500 m from the Mediterranean, love to sit in the promenade and have a nice chat
I'm working in my second novel, and translating some of my short tales
I'm quite eclectic, meaning that it's up to my state of mind...And being a musician I love spontaneous jam sessions...
Young Frankenstein, Witness for the prosecution, The silence of the lambs, Mary & Max...Being eclectic makes difficult to chose some specific "Favorites" and I have a very extensive films collection.
NCIS, Tales from the Crypt, The Muppet Show
Poe, Twain, Chang Tzu, Saint Exupery, Orwell, Bashevis singer, Agatha Christie, Borges, Cortázar, Benedetti, Quiroga, Fontanarrosa...and I still love to read "physical books" ; Old fashion guy...
I might fill this question, but I'd rather say: Those - known or unknown - who are loyal, fighters in life, brave in the adversity and those who don't live their lives looking for excuses and feeling self pitty...
Nature...In whatever shape it comes...

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Sometimes people cannot find a solution when it's too close to their noses that they cannot see it...
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