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46 - 59
Learning Disabled
Ptsd, anxiety, hearing impaired
to find a partner
I love people for who they are. I have other disabilities. I will be ok with explaing. I am looking for friends. If we grow together I hope to stay friends. I believe laughter is the best medicine in the world. Kindness and being understanding is very important to people with disabilities. Look forward to making new pen pal friends. 😃
Writing, singing, drawing, classic old car shows, interior decorating shows, watching the old cartoons, love walking along the beach.
Ask I'll be glad to let you know
Pray to find a husband one day, pray to travel, to make our dreams come true
Oldies, classic, 40's 50's 60's music, relaxing music, I love music.
The God father, old cartoons, interior design shows, old classic car shows, house building shows, learning shows, funny movies
Not much of a TV person, real true story movies, old cartoons, documentary shows, history shows, interior design shows, house building shows,
The ugly duckling
People who have my back, people who are kind, respectful, caring, and understanding.
Beach walks, being with people who love me for me.

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