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18 - 29
Cerebral Palsy
meeting new friends
Hello there!
My name is Janneke, I'm 24-years old and I have CP. I'd like to meet new friends from all over the world!! xxx
I like to read and write, music, movies, Disney, go shopping go swimming and I love my dog!
reading, movies, LARP (Live Action Role Play) boardgames, going swimming
getting my own place, start a new study after I finish secretary school
I like different kinds of music, I like metal, punk, rock, some pop, celtic and medival music.
I love LOTR, Harry Potter, Twilight etc.
But I also like lots of other films like: The Wedding date, Premonition, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.
Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones, The big bang theory, Bones, The Ghost Whisperer and some dutch tv shows:)
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia Books by Chris Carter and Stephen King and more
ehm... Hercules (the Disney version XD)
Like to go the woods or the park. I love to have animals around me!




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