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46 - 59
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meeting new friends
I'm a semi retired massage therapist in Phoenix, Az who loves to laugh and enjoy herself. . . particularly with the right person. I have always found that there's something about a man who is an amputee that drives me wild (especially SAK or DAK) so I've decided to pursue my 'passion'. Would you like to be my passion?

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman so you must enjoy the softness, warmth and dangerous curves of a big girl to enjoy me. If you do then look me up ;o)
I love to make new friends so I'm here to meet amputee friends. Those friends will get to know me and my interests/hobbies over time ;o)
classical, rock (some hard some soft), R&B, a little jazz, some country... pretty much anything but techno and opera
The Patriot, Dances With Wolves...
CSI Las Vegas, Miami and New York (in that order), Criminal Minds, History Channel (especially Ancient Aliens), Discovery Channel
I hate to read!
our military... and especially Colonel Alan West
Yellowstone Park

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