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United States of America
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46 - 59
Depression / Anxiety
Visually Impaired
to meet someone with the same disability
Hello. I am looking for a friend or a penpal male or female,
Also, please let me know what you want here. Do you want to talk to a man or a woman? I am a woman.

I am battling emotional issues and mental illness. I work also to fight stigma socially and personally.
psychology, spirituality, walking on the beach, reading and writing, architecture and nature appreciation, train spotting.
music, sightseeing
to make a self-help site
reggae, rock, sitar,dance music
I don't believe in them.
Coronado, CA, Santa Fe Train Depot of San Diego, CA
My Penpal
Are you Indian, Asian, European, male or female and have an emotional issue that disables you from normal activities? Do you have a hopeful attitude about it? Or is there any way I can help? I would like to meet you online. And are you willing to talk to a man or a woman? I am a woman.




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