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Hello - My name is Naomi, I am 34 yrs old, I live in Northern Ireland, and am engaged to my partner of over 2 years. I was born with a genetic conditon called Morquio Brailsford, its a rather confusing condition in some ways. Most people who have this are alot shorter than me, and Im small compared to the average woman. Im 4ft 6 or so, and weight 44 killos. So im quite small. Both me and and brother were born with this,and i wouldnt change to for the world, well maybe for world peace ok.But realy Ive had a good life, and even tho it means having operations every few years to replace joints that cannot cope any longer on there own, i still think its made me who i am,and wouldnt be so understanding of others if i didnt have Morquios. Afew years back, I started having seizures for no reason, and now at the age of 34 (32 when it started), have epilepsy. So thats all new to me, at the start I was kind of in delyal of it, simply becacue I wasnt aware of having seizures,my poor mother seen me having the first 2,and it has scared her for life, for a long time she couldnt look at me, becasue every time she did,see had visions of me having fitss. So wasnt great for her, other than than,waking up in hospital with doctors arond me not knowing what happend or how i got there, was like watching a film,and me as the leading role. But now that my tablets are the rite dosage,I have not took another seizure since the first 3 i took. So i think i got off lucky with that. If you message me, and if i dont reply rite away, please dont be offended,i am not always on the site,but get it sent to my fone, so I will always reply rite when i can get around to me. Im just back from Cyrpus with my finace, we were arranging our wedding, for 2013, so were both very excited about that, and I never thought I would get married, nor having someone love me the way he does, so im lucky again, see, i wouldnt be the same, and who knows, perhaps I would still be single if I wasnt born with this. Asnwers id love to know, but not like to live. bye for now.
Animals/computers/sci-fi/human behaviour. movies.traveling.id love to visit comiccon one day aswell,its one of those things i wanna do before i die. maybe i will go one day eh.
Blackie Lawless (wasp) garth brooks, dixie chicks, cher, meatloaf, guns n roses, alot of differnt music trends, mostly i like rock/metal music.
Supernatural/Ghost whisperer/prison break !!! best show about at the moment !! Dexter/crime dramas. Star Trek deep space nine. star trek enterprise and all the movies and spin offs.
Gandi - Martin L King - Mohamad Ali - Animals - Peoeple who have more extreme conditions than me and get on with there life, there a real insperation to me and keep me going, to remind me that life can always be better,if you want to make it so.
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