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30 - 45
Bi Polar Disorder
PTSD, SAD, Depression, Anxiety, slight OCD and a very bad back,Chronic migraine, chronic stomach issues
meeting new friends
I'm a mother/wife and step mom I'm here looking for other people just like me. I am in search of FEMALE friends only please. I have many things among my one disorder listed but I'm fun, shy, down to earth , honest and that's just to name a few. Again, I'm also only interested in seeking female pen pals. It's not personal I'm just happily married and if my husband was on here I'd have an issue with him talking to a female. I'm just putting the shoe on the other foot. It would be great to chat it up and swap a story or two. The sky is the limit .
I have so many there's no way to name them all
so many, again where to start?
well I'm a wife and mom..Im doing it :)
I love many different types and always listen to something new
just about anything goes but I love something scary
wow...well I like different stuff.. I even surprise myself. Out lander, Chance, lethal weapon, Lucifer just to name a few.
I like poetry but I read anything as long as it catches my eye.
I'll need to think about this one :)
The Ocean... don't care what one .




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