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60 and Over
Wheelchair user
meeting new friends
I have genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It causes faulty connective tissues (found throughout multiple areas if the body) causing a wide range of issues including acute and chronic daily pain, difficulty with mobility, osteoathritis, dysautonomia to name just a few,.actually ;) I hope to be able to help others who might be new to this disorder (considered rare, but in fact is simply seldom recognized) Also I'd like to connect with a variety of people to share support and understanding for those whose lives have also become much smaller and withdrawn because of health issues.
Art, music, tv shows..(nature, The Voice, & other eclectic choices :)
Getting out in nature when I'm physically able (or even for rides in the countryside) it used to be making art, ceramic jewellery various crafts (before it became too painful for my hands
Blues, new age (serene) Adele, various...
Long Beach (on) Vancouver Island

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