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Lafayette County
About Me
18 - 29
Aspergers Syndrome
to meet someone with the same disability
I Am 20 Years Old, I'm Smart and I'm a BIG Fan of Professional Wrestling Like the WWE.
Professional Wrestling
My Little Pony: FiM and EG
Blue's Clues
Listening to Music (Country, Heavy Metal and Rock 'N' Roll and Steve Burns Songs)
Being a Big Brother
Doing Good Deeds (Sometimes)
Planning a Trip to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Fozzy - Heavy Metal
AC-DC - Rock 'N' Roll
Steve Burns - Indie Rock
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator Genisys
The Lone Ranger (2013)
Blue's Clues
Full House
Family Guy
American DAD!
Total Recall: My Unbelievable True Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger
WWE: The Hardy Boyz:
My Grandfather
(James Marlowe Downs)
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Dean Ambrose
My House
My Penpal
I'm Looking for a Penpal with the same Disability like mine (Asperger Syndrome) if anyone wants to be Friends with me Hit Me Up downsc33@yahoo.com

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