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46 - 59
mobility and anxiety problems
meeting new friends
i am 48years young. i live in a village which can sometimes make me feel isolated. i like to believe that i am a good listener understanding with a good sense of humour I am also old fashioned in a lot of ways
I Love animals, and have two cats of my own. reading, wordsearch puzzles,listening to music and watching old clean movies like laural and hardy.and abbot and castello
reading and listening to music
to be happy and take one day at a time Maybe find someone special who accepts me for who I am with a good sense of hummour likes to cuddle and HONEST as this is important to me without trust there is nothing
with a good beat and clean lyrics that i can understand like the 60s 70s and 80s also classical
funny,easy watching and entertaining, but not rude,disgusting or sickening
ncis,castle, and factual programes, such as tru tv and light hearted programes such as the big bang theory
humorous, classic and well written. but not disgusting sex scenes or intense graphic violence. The Bible
decent, caring,thoughtful and honest people Jesus and my christian faith
anywhere that feels like home
My Penpal
hello everyone, i would like to have penfriends from anywhere in the world, i have been told that i am a good listener with a cheeky but clean sense of humour, so if you want to let of steam or have a laugh please say hi

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