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30 - 45
Brain Injured
I have learning disabilities too.
meeting new friends
Hi i am a visionary.a witch,a artist,also a student and a blogger an creative plus. A entreprenuer .i like meeting new friends ,an people or relationships too in general.i am creative an smart also motivated toward being successful.even though i have disabilities various kinds.i hope to talk with you and become friends.
Reading .learning new things whether self education or college and career schools.i like being a artist,a entreprenuer.a writer,a studying student.plus blogging about motivation ,or social issues on websites.i am working on a ebook too.i enjoy exerciseing everday.i like women.i enjoy being friends or dateing .i like being. A creative.i enjoy good conversations ,or listening to a variety of music or watching tv or movies.i like pets cats and dogs .
Exerciseing blogging people and i like living familys working and money createing artwork also being a entreprenuer
To own my own business besides online yet i would like to own a gift shop or consignment store or a kioask in malls.to have my own house or share a condo.to take more career school courses or college classes.plus become a more successful free lance write
I like a variety .alternative rock,rap ,pop,classical,tech no.christmas songs.npr news and podcasting channelss.internet radio shows.youtube.com -motivational vidieos -music videios.
Bourne identity movies with jason bourne character. Lord of the rings movies.christmas movies.romance movies.action movies.dramas movies.supernatural movies.vampires or were wolves.witches and warlocks.the lion the witch and the wardrobe.music vidieos.home alone.history chanall tv shows and movies.thrillers movies.
Wb channal.necn news channal.scifi channal.mtv channal.vh1channal.documentrys.pbs channal.journalist and interviews on channels and about tech start ups businesses.bloomberg business channel.wall street stock exchange.disney channel.nickolodian channel.weather channel.
The free lance writers bible.entreprenuer magazine.family circle magazine.the lion the witch and the wardrobe.lord of t h e rings. Books about developeing physchic abilities and powers.witchcraft.develope writing style.entreprenurship.marketing.social media.
Warren buffet .my familys. friends.my teachers.mentors.vocational counselers.therapist.my doctors.nurses. mom.instructers.
Homes.malls.retail stores.art gallerys.kiosks.resteruants.around people.groups.programs.online useing computores.internet.radio.
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