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Bozeman, Mt.
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60 and Over
Stroke Survivor
Not really, but I do have a seizure disorder that I take meds for.
don`t know
I am aLibra man, born 10/02/1950, 6ft tall ( or maybe 5' 11 now.I am a widower with 2 grown sons also). I live alone , drive & cook ok, but am still learning
Like to walk in nature, like history, 60s 70s & 80s music. And of course lots of various music from all times. I & am what one would call a maintenance cook& Try to walk every day to keep my strength.docook,drive, & have heart.
Opening my heart & mind
persevere! Maybe live a little too!
I listen to the oldies station& if that's not cool or hip, then I make no apologies.
Lonesome Dove, Anne of Green Gables, lots of westerns, comedies,adventure, & even crime dramas.
Seinfeld, Doc Martin! Me Tv! , Pbs documentaries, Blue Bloods, the'View'!
Many, but I mostly read nonfiction History
Brave people with heart!
Very much love nature

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